Viber Rolls Out Two-Step Verification Further Strengthening User Security

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The new two-step verification feature allows users to authenticate their accounts and reduce risk of account hijacking and protecting privacy even more.

Rakuten Viber, a global leader in private and secure messaging and voice-based communication, has announced the rollout of its newest feature – two-step verification, the extra layer of security enabling users to authenticate their accounts utilizing a pin code and email.

Viber’s commitment to providing a secure, privacy-first communications platform is reflected in its continuous work on new features like these. Messaging on Viber is already end-to-end encrypted, eliminating third parties from accessing its data, while disappearing message feature ensures users have additional control over who sees their messages. The latest two-step verification feature is another example of Viber’s unwavering adherence to privacy providing users additional reassurance when communicating within Viber.

Users who choose to enable the two-step verification feature will create a six-digit PIN number and verify their email address. To log into Viber on a mobile device or desktop, the user will need to verify the account by providing their individual PIN code. In the event the code is forgotten or misplaced, the verified email address can be used to restore access to the account. 

Additionally, creating a PIN code disables the ability to deactivate the account using Viber on a desktop. Anyone trying to deactivates a Viber account via desktop will need to use the PIN code.

Viber’s new feature helps users implement additional security measures to ensure account privacy. Two-step verification protects against hackers seeking access to private information and to send spam. Moreover, reducing the number of non-verified accounts within the platform will not only reduce the number of spam messages on the platform but will also create a more efficient and stable application for users to communicate with loved ones. In future plans, Viber is working on adding biometric authentication.

“The privacy of Viber users is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to providing a secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging app, and this new feature takes it one step further.” says Amir Ish-Shalom, Chief Information Officer for Rakuten Viber. “Two-step verification will alleviate our users’ security worries and reassure not only consumers but businesses as well that Viber is providing the latest technology for the platform to remain secure.”

The new feature is scheduled to be rolled out globally for all Viber users soon.

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