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“Life is about taking whisks and chasse towards your dreams!” This is a phrase Annie Ligory, an accomplished Standard and Latin American dancer, and a successful home baker, says when asked about how life is now.  Annie is a career woman, who balances between her 9 to 5 job, being a mom, dancing and baking.

Her first opportunity to pursue her dancing dream came when she joined a social dancing class conducted by Mr. Antonio (Toni) Fernandez, in 2007. She soon proceeded to compete in the Ballroom Dancesport Championships nationally and internationally and was successful in becoming the champion a few times. 

Later, she shifted towards Latin dance, joining Mr. Kevin Nugara and the El Latino Dance Academy. During her time at ELDA, she was part of the show team, performing at local and international entertainment events, while being the assistant teacher, helping Kevin in his social classes and kids’ classes. Thereafter, she and her partner became the unbeaten Latin American Dancesport Champions for several years, in the amateur category-the highest category in Sri Lankan Dancesport.

Currently, she operates as an independent artist and continues to pursue her Dancesport life in the Standard category with her first dance partner. The latest project she is working on is the dance concert by Ms. Nayomi Rajaratnam named “Absolute Joy ”. It is going to be a unique experience for her to dance alongside top dancers in the country and she is excited to be a part of it.

Annie’s baking began simply with the desire to make her own Christmas Cake one year. Thus, in 2016, from her own kitchen, Annie’s Bake Station was born, and promptly this self-taught baker’s brainchild steadily garnered a following. Since then, she has immersed herself in baking and takes on orders for any type of private or corporate event, baking a variety of customizable sweet desserts. She has also twice become a finalist, at the country’s biggest sugar show-The Sri Lanka Cake Awards-where she displayed her cake showpieces.

Annie is now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Hospitality Management from the Finest Bakes Institute, to sharpen her baking skills and to broaden her horizons for future opportunities.

You can follow Annie on Instagram, at @annieligo

You can also follow Annie’s Bake Station on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/anniesbakestation and on Instagram, at @anniesbakestation

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