An Unforgettable Evening of Music from Trinity College

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Theevra’s electrifying performance sets new standards for school musical productions

THEEVRA, the musical that took to stage recently, organized by the Trinity College Oriental Music Society (OMS), was nothing but a resounding testament to the unifying power of music and its ability to seamlessly blend with the school curriculum adding value to a child’s holistic learning experience. Held at the National Institute of Co-operative Development in Polgolla, this musical extravaganza surpassed boundaries and connected communities, cultures, genders, and age groups with the magic of music.

The overall THEEVRA presentation was a skillful blend of artistry and aesthetics, expertly composed to perfection. The choreography, intricately designed to match the essence of each song, allowed the students to express themselves with confidence and precision. The vibrant and attractive costumes infused confidence into the performers, captivated the audience and enhanced the songs’ appeal. Lighting played a pivotal role in enhancing the ambiance of the performance and reinforcing the depth of the songs. The transitions between different lighting schemes were executed seamlessly, adding a layer of energy to the overall production. The LED backdrop display provided dynamic visual backgrounds to the songs, cementing the role of technology in the delivery of present-day aesthetics. 

The Trinity oriental musical presentation of 2023 – THEEVRA was a resounding success overall, showcasing the ability of music to be a part of a child’s overall education and its ability to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds. It served as a beautiful reminder of the role the Oriental Music Society of Trinity plays withing the College framework delivering timeless aesthetic appeal, preserving the local heritage within the Trinity landscape, and bringing individuals together in harmony, transcending the boundaries that often divide us. This event will surely be remembered as a shining example of how music can foster unity, understanding, and appreciation for our shared human existence.

THEEVRA not only delivered a musical feast to the packed Kandy audience but also created new benchmarks for musical performances by school children. 

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