Calcey Springboard revolutionizes tech career pathways with hybrid coding education

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Calcey Springboard today announced that it has partnered with one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms to provide access to premium learning resources from globally recognized education institutions. As a result, each learner enrolled in the program will now gain access to learning material worth USD 4,000 along with verified credentials. In addition, learners will be guided by Calcey’s own engineering staff through a series of in-person workshops and mentoring sessions. They will also be given the opportunity to meet and interact with veterans of the tech industry from Sri Lanka and abroad.

Launched and run by Calcey——a US, Singapore, and Sri Lanka-based technology consulting and software product engineering services provider, Springboard aims to provide numerous unconditional scholarships to learners chosen through a strict testing process.

“The MOOCs we’ve chosen are among the best in the world and suit our expected learning outcomes very well. Through this partnership, we’re able to give learners the opportunity to participate in an unrivaled online and in-person learning experience which is arguably better than a traditional classroom environment,” said Eranjan Punchihewa, Lead-Calcey Springboard and a Technical Project Manager.

Calcey Springboard is Sri Lanka’s first program of its nature, and is part of Calcey’s commitment to invest back into the wider community. “As a leading IT services exporter in Sri Lanka, we have a duty to help widen the tech talent pool of the country by contributing to eliminate the barriers deserving students face in aspiring to receive a high quality education. We believe that a talented, globally competitive workforce can be a powerful way to propel our nation’s economy forward, particularly as the world enters an unprecedented new era in which life and tech are very much intertwined,” said Mangala Karunaratne, Founder and CEO of Calcey.

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