CHE STUDIO – Taking portrait photography to a whole new level

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Commercial Photography has made great strides in Sri Lanka and one name that stands out in this domain is CHE STUDIO. CHE STUDIO has changed photography in Sri Lanka by enabling customers of any age, profession, or background to own professionally photographed portrait shots that can be used by the individual on public platforms to create the best possible first impression. The studio’s team of creative, professional and experienced photographers are able to capture an individual in a different light to deliver outstanding results. They go beyond producing a good quality image by looking at intricate details such as attire, light, posture, angles, expressions, retouching, and many more. 

In addition to portrait photography, CHĒ STUDIO also focuses on commercial photography segments including products, fashion, brand campaigns, and conceptual. With the aim of providing Sri Lankans from all parts of the country to access their photography services, the studio is mapping out plans to expand to a few key districts in Sri Lanka once the pandemic situation has eased in the future. 

CHĒ STUDIO is the commercial photography arm in RADICALZ (Pvt) Limited, a company co-founded by three University of Colombo graduates – Lividul Witharana, Kanishka Madanayake, and Rajitha Rathnasiri. These three dynamic individuals wanted to transform their passion for creativity into a viable business that would help Sri Lankans and international clients. From inception, RADICALZ emphasized on the strength of diversity and took in foreign graduates as interns and employees while also connecting with organizations like AIESEC, where Lividul held an international role during his university days. AIESEC is a youth-led, non-political, and not-for-profit organization that strives to explore and develop leadership potential and cross-cultural understanding of the youth. 

Kanishka Madanayake stated, “CHE STUDIO is mostly known for the portraits trend we successfully created around 4 years ago where we wanted to make people understand the importance of having a proper photoshoot done in a studio for their professional and personal needs. We have captured thousands of portraits during the last few years and I am proud to state that most of the customers visit us repeatedly because now they understand that visiting a studio for a photoshoot is a normal thing. This sense of normalcy was unfortunately lost a few years ago when everyone started owning a camera or phones with good cameras and started taking photos on their own but the results were average at best. They must realize that using selfies and good images captured at weddings in better quality is OK, but portrait photography is a different art form which can take their look to a whole new level and make a lasting impression.” 

CHE STUDIO and its sister company My Wedding Studio were Co-Founded by Kanishka Madanayake and RADICALZ so that he could pursue his passion in photography in two different target markets. CHE STUDIO focuses on commercial photography while My Wedding Studio is a huge success in the wedding industry in Sri Lanka.

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