Inspire Me marks the First Successful Year supporting Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs

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People who convert bright product and service ideas into ventures are adding much vibrant color to the home-based business and entrepreneurship ecosystem today! Inspire Me channel fuels such up-and-coming home-based businesses by sharing their entrepreneurship journey and their offerings to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. The channel completed its 1st year today and marks a milestone by featuring 20 female entrepreneurs in the channel during the past 12 months.

Commenting on this milestone, Nayanika Wijekoon (Founder/CEO of Inspire Me) stated “I am absolutely thankful to all entrepreneurs who believed in the Inspire Me concept and shared their stories with us. The support from the Inspire Me team and my family is also commendable and we could not have reached this milestone without them”.

The channel was launched for two purposes: to share how these entrepreneurs built their businesses amidst painful challenges. Secondly to give branding exposure to these entrepreneurs to demonstrate their products on a video platform. “I learned the essence of an entrepreneur from the founder of the company I work for currently. I am absolutely grateful to my workplace and my superiors for being a true blessing by encouraging me with feedback and flexibility to scale Inspire Me every day.

The channel has been able to discuss 20 inspiring entrepreneurship stories whilst giving a spotlight to their products during the past 12 months. The channel also launched its official website which is the landing page for all interviews featured thus far.

Commenting on the milestone of Inspire Me, Shanuki De Alwis (Cause Marketing Consultant & Talkshow Host) said “Inspire Me is simply as its name – an inspiration to all women that entrepreneurship isn’t a dream only for the privileged. The success stories shared on the program have some great insights for any woman out there who wants to put her visions into action. The program is the embodiment of women supporting women, and we need more of that!”

The channel envisions an exciting roadmap to create a platform to encourage entrepreneurial ideas in children and to intensify the marketing support given to upcoming home-based businesses/entrepreneurs across the country to locate a market for their products and scale their business.

“Our aspiration is to see any home-based business anywhere in the island would have an easy-to-access platform to voice their story, inspire someone to be like them, and find a market for their products even if the business is based in a rural area” added Wijekoon. The channel also invites potential sponsors, influencers, and contributors to help Inspire Me to groom children in the country to plan their ventures from childhood, instead of restricting them to a syllabus and limited career opportunities.

Inspire Me will continue to support every home-based business locally and support the upcoming entrepreneurs as well through several initiatives planned for the future. The world admires creators who are capable of innovating solutions/products and support the economies, and initiatives such as Inspire Me envision to be the supporting platform to this.

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