NDB Wealth calls for Social and Financial Responsibility

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Expert financial planner NDB Wealth Management encourages individuals and businesses to focus on how being socially responsible is equally important as being financially responsible.

Given that the nation and world at large are facing turbulent and challenging times due to the pandemic situation, as a responsible corporate citizen NDB Wealth Management is specially focusing on the safety and well-being of their valuable investors.

“It is our duty and moral obligation to conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner especially due to the current pandemic situation.  Each one of us has a role to play to support and advocate for social responsibility by which we can encourage those near and dear as well as our communities to follow proper health guidelines bearing in mind not only our best interests but those of society as a whole,” commented Prabodha Samarasekera, CEO of NDB Wealth Management.

Through united efforts, society can combat the COVID virus and prevent it from spreading exponentially through the best practices of washing hands and proper sanitization, maintaining social distancing at all times, strictly adhering to the guidelines stipulated by the health officials and restricting our movements and avoiding large group gatherings unnecessarily.

Whilst working towards being socially responsible, each one has to also work towards being financially responsible. Financial responsibility is an essential and core area requiring attention by many. Being able to financially support oneself without burdening others or reducing dependency on society including governing institutions and other authorities should be a key focus and aim among individuals and businesses alike. NDB Wealth Management through their expertise and experience can help individuals and businesses plan and prepare for financial growth despite unexpected situations.

Outlining a few techniques on financial responsibility, Prabodha stated, “Stabilizing your income through employment and business ventures, setting achievable financial goals and educating yourself on financial matters are a few topics worthy of consideration. Especially for the younger generations, the aspiration to be financially stable and secure can propel them to achieve greater heights.”

“However not everyone is financially savvy and added efforts should be taken to be updated on the financial schemes available. A good budgeting practice will also help to maintain the income and expenditure while enabling individuals to initiate savings and avoiding unnecessary, expensive debt. It’s important to understand the importance of financial planning and to have a good idea on how you can allow your earnings to bring benefits for you in the future. At NDB Wealth we offer an array of plans to help one prepare for the future. The Growth & Income Fund, Money Plus Fund, and Retirement savings plans are such options that are readily available,” elaborated Prabodha.

It’s time to be responsible. Visit www.ndbwealth.com or call on 0719 788 788 to speak to one of the relationship managers enjoy a wealth of joy. You can also visit their website to explore other investment opportunities, or even connect with NDB Wealth’s exemplary team of financial planners who can help you, your business and your family to achieve financial security, with all the benefits entailed therein. NDB Wealth is fully owned subsidiary of the NDB Bank, one of the fastest growing financial services conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with the strategic mission to be the leader in the financial services sector. From its inception, the group which includes NDB Bank, NDB Investment Banking, NDB Wealth, NDB Securities, and NDB Capital has been a catalyst in the development of the nation, strengthening and empowering entrepreneurs, corporates and individuals from all strata of the economy. The customers across all NDB Group companies have benefited from the extensive product and service offerings of the NDB Bank and its affiliates.

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