New Material Recovery Facilities installed in Jaffna and Badulla to tackle waste management challenges

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Strengthening their dedication to sustainability, The Coca-Cola Foundation ( TCCF), Eco-Spindles and Janathakshan (GTE) proudly inaugurated two state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in Sri Lanka. Named “Golden PET Company Pvt. Ltd” in Jaffna and “J A S Fernando” in Badulla, these facilities mark significant strides in addressing local plastic waste challenges and promoting environmental sustainability in the regions.

Inspired by the global movement advocating for heightened awareness on plastic pollution, the launch of these MRFs in Sri Lanka reinforces a commitment to addressing local plastic waste challenges. Equipped with advanced technology and waste processing mechanisms, these facilities redefine sustainable production and consumption practices in Sri Lanka, capable of processing over 20 metric tonnes of waste monthly.

In selecting Jaffna and Badulla for the newly established Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), strategic factors were considered. Badulla, as the main city of the Uva province, benefits from its proximity to urban centers and transportation hubs, with a population of 815,405 and an annual tourism occupancy rate of 17.2%. Data from the Highlights Census of Population and Housing – 2012 Uva Province and the Annual Statistical Report 2021 further validate its significance. 

Similarly, Jaffna, with a population of 583,882, boasts tourism potential and a growing hotel industry, with diverse attractions and a strategic location along the sea belt and harbors. These factors underscore Jaffna and Badulla’s suitability for MRFs, aligning with TCCF’s commitment to effective waste management and environmental sustainability.

These MRFs function on a proactive and community-centric ethos, distinguishing themselves by integrating with informal waste collection networks to optimize recyclable waste collection. Leveraging cutting-edge balers and crushers, these facilities efficiently segregate, compress, and crush recyclables, with a special focus on PET plastic, transforming them into compact bales and other plastics to granules. Processed PET plastic materials are then channeled to Eco Spindles for further processing and recycling, contributing to a closed-loop system of sustainable waste management.

“As part of our longstanding commitment to sustainability in Sri Lanka, The Coca-Cola Foundation has continuously supported initiatives aimed at enhancing waste collection and recycling efforts across the country,” said Carlos Pagoaga, President, The Coca-Cola Foundation. “The launch of these Material Recovery Facilities represents a significant milestone in our journey towards a greener future. By  supporting our partners, we are expanding our impact on waste management, fostering a culture of recycling, and contributing to a cleaner environment. Through such initiatives, we reaffirm our dedication to driving positive change and sustainable development in Sri Lanka.”

Sharing their thoughts on the continued impact of their project, Prasantha Malimbadage – CEO of Eco Spindles Pvt. Ltd. stated, “The inauguration of these Material Recovery Facilities is a pivotal step toward a sustainable future. Together with our partners, we’re not merely addressing present challenges; we’re shaping a better tomorrow. These facilities embodying our shared vision of a circular economy and underscore our dedication to environmental stewardship.”

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Janaka Hemathilaka, CEO/ Executive Director of Janathakshan GTE Ltd shared, “Looking forward, these Material Recovery Facilities represent more than just infrastructure; they embody our commitment to lasting changes. By promoting a circular economy and embracing innovation, we’re laying the groundwork for a brighter future. Together with our partners, we’re forging a path toward sustainable development and environmental resilience.”

Golden PET Company Pvt. Ltd and J A S Fernando signify the fifth and sixth Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) established under the ‘Strengthening Informal Sector Waste Collection System for Improved Waste Management and Increased Collection and Recycling of PET Plastic in Sri Lanka’ project, contributing to the comprehensive network of MRFs nationwide. Supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation and Eco Spindles, in collaboration with Janathakshan, this initiative marks a significant milestone in combating plastic pollution, demonstrating a proactive approach to environmental sustainability, and reinforcing The Coca-Cola Foundation’s commitment to addressing plastic pollution in Sri Lanka.

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