Unfolding New Possibilities for Work and Play: Galaxy Z Fold4 for On-the-Go Productivity

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As the way we work becomes more flexible, the trend of mobile workers — or those who work on-the-go — is becoming more common. As the popularity of working from anywhere increases, the demand for mobile devices that empower this working style also increases. Consumers have high expectations for Samsung Electronics’ newly-launched Galaxy Z Fold4 as it allows users to expand their workspace, based on the device’s many features.

It’s gotten smaller but wider — Galaxy Z Fold4 is still as compact as ever, with its even lighter weight and thinner hinge and bezels. When you unfold your phone, the device’s even wider display delivers an immersive experience that can transform your current surroundings into a workspace anytime, anywhere. The UDC (Under Display Camera), located under the screen, helps you focus on your work by minimizing factors distracting your field of vision.

Thanks to the device’s 7.6-inch wide screen, you can even conveniently edit documents full of text. Just like using a small tablet PC, you can handle a variety of tasks that are more complex than simply reading or sending e-mails with your smartphone.

The most striking characteristics of Galaxy Z Fold4 are its enhanced multitasking features. Along with the wider screen, the new Taskbar1 feature and Multi-window help you get your remote work done fast and efficiently — as if you are using a laptop.

The Taskbar is a newly added feature, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t familiar. The Taskbar looks and functions just like the layout you are used to seeing on a PC. You can even add frequently used apps to personalize your Taskbar: All the apps saved as favorites on your home screen will also appear on the Taskbar.

You can fully take advantage of the wider display by utilizing Multi-window, which lets you simultaneously view up to three windows on the screen. If you’d like to open another app while using a different application, simply drag and drop the app from the Taskbar to somewhere on the side, top or bottom of the screen. You can also easily switch screens between apps or change the layout with its intuitive UI.

If you have a combination of apps that you frequently use together, then the App Pair feature will help you save time. With the App Pair feature, you can save up to three apps as a single group on the Taskbar. Using this feature will get rid of the hassle of having to launch each app and display each one of them on a split screen.

With Flex mode, you can make the most of your foldable phone by freely changing the angle according to your needs. For instance, by taking advantage of Galaxy Z Fold4’s multitasking features, you can launch multiple apps at the same time. You can use one window of the screen for a video call and another window to take notes on important information, all while also looking at a meeting material on the screen.

Taking a break is just as important as working efficiently. When it’s time to step away, try turning over your screen filled with work-related apps and instead watching a video on the Cover Screen to lighten your mood. Thanks to the thin bezels and the aspect ratio optimized for the Cover Screen, you can have an immersive experience while watching a video. With Flex mode, you can adjust your Galaxy Z Fold4 to best fit any situation.

Galaxy Z Fold4’s various features stand out whether you’re on or off the clock. For instance, during break time, you can enjoy watching videos or playing games on a large, immersive screen that brings your content to life. Small but important details such as the UDC (Under Display Camera), where the camera is placed under the screen, help minimize on-screen distractions and allow you to fully dive into the game.

Another notable feature that takes advantage of Capture View is the Zoom Map. With larger Zoom Map activated automatically on the Capture View area when the rear camera is magnified by 20 times or more, it allows you to compare the magnified image and the original image ratio side by side at a glance. Typically, locating a subject while zoomed in is difficult, as the quality lowers and small movements come across as very shaky on camera. However, larger Zoom Map makes it possible to locate a subject quickly and easily to capture that perfect shot.

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