WindForce Accredited by IESL to Train Graduate Engineers

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WindForce Ltd., the pioneers of renewable energy in both Sri Lanka and other countries across the globe, has just been approved by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) as a training organisation for graduate engineers for corporate membership in electrical engineering.

As corporate training is an essential part of the local curriculum to qualify as a chartered engineer, as stated by the IESL Professional Review Rules, WindForce Ltd., as an approved organization, will be selecting up to four graduate engineers at a time for a period of three years for them to acquire training under their guidance.

This training will allow graduate engineers to equip themselves with experience in an industrial environment and provide the set of practical skills and knowledge considered essential for future employment. Selected graduate engineers shall be placed in the organization as permanent employees, seconded employees or employed on contract /casual basis. Having just attained the largest IPO on the Colombo Stock Exchange in 10 years, WindForce has become a name to reckon with in the local industry and is now opening its doors to graduate engineers with opportunities for qualified training.

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