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Seylan Bank’s Tikiri Vesak Lantern Competition Sparks Creativity Among Children

Seylan Bank recently hosted the Tikiri Vesak Lantern Competition to harness the creativity and potential of young minds. The event was launched as a digital engagement campaign on Facebook to encourage children aged 5-12 to celebrate the Vesak festival in a creative and meaningful manner while showcasing their artistic talents.

The campaign invited children, divided into two age categories of 5-8 and 9-12 years of age, to craft Vesak lanterns and share their creations online. Three main winners from each age category were recognised for their outstanding lantern designs, while five additional participants from each category received consolation prizes.

“Our aim with the Tikiri Vesak Lantern Competition was to provide a platform for children to express their creativity in a digital format, especially at a time when digital engagement is so prevalent,” said Asiri Abhayaratne, Assistant General Manager – Marketing & Sales. “By combining the festive spirit of Vesak with this competition, we hope to inspire our young Tikiri account holders and nurture their creative potential.”

Seylan Bank continues to lead the market with Seylan Tikiri, offering not just financial savings but also memorable experiences and learning opportunities for children. The Vesak Lantern Competition highlights Seylan Tikiri’s commitment to support innovative activities among its young customers.

Winning participants will be awarded valuable gifts and certificates from Seylan Bank, further encouraging them to pursue their creative interests. The competition is also a reminder of the numerous benefits that come with a Seylan Tikiri account, including bonus interest rates, gift vouchers, and other unique experiences designed for children.

For more information on Seylan Tikiri and to open an account for your child, please visit your nearest Seylan Bank branch or call our hotline at 011-200 88 88.

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