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Taking a big step in their corporate evolution, premier Sri Lankan digital real estate brokerage firm 73 Avenue Realtors has partnered with globally-renowned real estate agent franchise company, Century 21. Partnering with Century 21 and being the first broker-owners of this global franchise in Sri Lanka will enable 73 Avenue Realtors to elevate their already high standards to a corporate force not yet seen in the local real estate market.

Co-Founder/ Director Growth Arshad Mohideen

Coming a long way in a short period, 73 Avenue Realtors are all the buzz in the local real estate scene. Over the two years in operation, the team has identified gaps in the market and set new marketing trends to differentiate itself from the rest. 73 Avenue Realtors were the first to introduce video property tours and create the most prominent luxury property YouTube channel in Sri Lanka. 

Seeing an opportunity in these dark days is quite rare. Still, despite the times, 73 Avenue aims to get fitted with the right tools, training and partners to take the challenge head-on. Century 21 is more than a real estate giant; it is a brand name associated with industry innovation and a specular reputation of world-class service, aiming to take the real estate industry into the future. Careful selection means picking the cream of the crop of real estate agents to provide each client with an extraordinary experience, helping them make informed market decisions that yield the best opportunity. 

Co-Founder/ Director of Operations Akram Mohideen

“A global partnership will enable us to bring global insights and professionalism to the industry,” Co-Founder/ Director of Operations Akram Mohideen comments. “The service-centric teams are ready to deliver the best insights, expertise and customer-centric experience imaginable 24×7, accomplished with world-class training from the experienced 73A leadership and through Century 21’s invaluable global insight and development programmes.”

“73 Avenue’s key focus areas revolve around customer service satisfaction, media and interactive experiences and technology and digitized services,” states Co-Founder/ Director Growth Arshad Mohideen. “It’s not just about selling a property but selling it through the proper manner, using the most appropriate channels with a focus on the customer, blended with innovative thinking. Creating such interactive experiences and constantly exploring the best use of technology and viral media platforms makes the brand a trailblazer in the industry.”

Believing each sale has the potential to grow their customer’s livelihood and investment value, 73 Avenue’s team of property consultants’ goal is not just to provide adequate information but to advise and show alternative opportunities to invest, diversify and grow wealth. 
The 73 Avenue web page – www.73avenuerealtors.com is also a one-stop-shop for exploring market opportunities, searching for selling solutions or browsing around their extensive available properties. Get in touch with their hotline on 0763607373, and work with their property consultants, to support and enable your real estate requirements.

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