A range of alcohol and harsh chemical-free baby care products- for the first time in Sri Lanka

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Velona Cuddles Unveils Safe, Harsh Chemical-Free Baby Care Essentials for the 1st Time in Sri Lanka

The Comfort Your Baby Deserves: Velona Cuddles Introduces the First Ever Alcohol-Free, pH-Balanced Baby Care Range in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s leading baby care brand, Velona Cuddles, has once again raised the benchmark for baby care essentials with the launch of its new range of alcohol-free, pH 5.5 baby care products. This new product range builds on and complements Velona Cuddles Diapers – which are renowned for being the world’s first and only diaper range free from harsh chemicals. The new range of alcohol-free baby care products is the result of 3 years of rigorous research and development, benchmarking leading European baby care brands such as Sebamed and Mustella. The launch of these exceptional products is thus a clear reflection of Velona Cuddle’s sincere commitment to innovating in order to ensure safe, gentle and high-quality products for babies. 

Inspired by the success of its diapers, the new Velona Cuddles Alcohol-Free Baby Care product range includes five carefully crafted products, including three colognes, a top-to-toe wash, and a moisturizing lotion. Each product is not only alcohol-free but is also designed to match the natural pH level of 5.5 of baby skin. The whole range is also free from sulphates, parabens and other harmful chemicals and irritants. This ensures the utmost safety and comfort for delicate baby skin. 

Commenting on the launch, Dr Gehan De Soysa, Chairman and CEO of Velona Group of Companies – said, “We’re passionate about ensuring that parents have safe, non-irritating and comfort-promoting products for their babies and children. The amount of potentially harmful chemicals and irritants found in many baby care products in the market is disturbing. That’s why, we set out to engineer products that are free from such chemicals, especially alcohol – as it dries and irritates delicate skin, stripping natural oils and potentially causing painful rashes. Now, thanks to our game-changing research and development, parents can opt for gentle, alcohol-free products for healthy skin and a happy baby.”

With a heritage spanning over 80 years, Velona has consistently prioritised the health and well-being of children. Velona Cuddles’ innovative approach, including the use of biodegradable materials across its products, has earned the company numerous awards and accolades. These include awards for Best Eco Focused Organisation – FMCG, and Best Eco Product – FMCG at the ACEF Asian Leader Forum & Awards. 

The new Alcohol-Free Baby Care product range from Velona Cuddles reflects Velona’s continued leadership in the space, journeying towards safe and sustainable baby care. By choosing Velona Cuddles, parents can enjoy both high-quality products, and the peace of mind that their baby is comfortable and free from the many potential hazards of harsh chemicals. 

Learn more about Velona Cuddles and buy products online, visit www.buyvelona.com 

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