AI-Driven student recruitment platform for the global world Launched in Berlin, Now enters Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is among the fastest-growing emerging markets in the regions where students are moving overseas for education. Strong economic growth and a sizable number of people of college age will be the main factors influencing the demand for study abroad in the nation.

Looking at the growing market size Infinite Group has announced the launch of an AI-driven global student recruitment platform in Sri Lanka, which is seeking to assist students to “live their dreams to study abroad”.

To which Mr Gaurav Batra, CEO of Infinite Group states that “We look forward to supporting Global

Recruitment partners from Sri Lanka to unite on one platform to encourage new benchmarks of quality,” the statement reads. “Considering the scalability of the abroad education industry, we feel there is a growing need for hassle-free and quick processes.”

“Sri Lanka’s higher education system is still growing, in part because there are more international branch campuses and overseas degrees being given in collaboration with local institutions.” Said Mr Paul Errol, Country Head – Sri Lanka, Infinite Group, however, adds that “Sri Lankan parents’ desire for their children to experience a global environment and be exposed to different cultures, technology, and ideas is one reason why the demand for study abroad continues to rise.”

With an average yearly growth rate of around 4.5% through 2027, Sri Lanka is predicted to have one of the fastest-growing territorial enrolments in the entire globe. By 2027, it is expected that Sri Lankan students will have travelled abroad more than 32,000 times, an increase of around 80% over the UNESCO criterion.

“We have been working with student recruitment Partners in Sri Lanka for the last 7 years and as per our experience the bulk of Sri Lankan students who study abroad choose Australia, the US, or the UK, with an increasing number also being hosted by other countries such as Europe.” states Mr Paul.

According to I-Unite, the platform “uses artificial intelligence to assist students and recruitment partners in looking for courses overseas,” recommending courses based on student profiles. Information on the university, fees and intake is delivered “without any human intervention engaged,”

The spokesperson stated that the $2.5m budget allotted by the 2006-founded Infinite Group to make the I-Unite platform a “global success” is “subject to adjust with further growth and future potential.”

With an emphasis on the markets in the Indian sub-continent, Africa, Mauritius, Turkey, UAE and Gulf countries the platform provides a hassle-free experience to partnered study-abroad consultants from around the globe.

“We understand that education is the primary influence in determining a student’s future, therefore we initiate a larger effect, offering a variety of opportunities for the students to study abroad and resulting in global exposure,” stated Mr Batra to conclude.

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