Calling All Chocoholics! Chocolit White Delivers a Blast from the Nostalgic Milk Treat

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Diana Chocolates (Pvt) Ltd. delighted milk chocolate fans with the recent launch of its newest creation, Chocolit White. This delightful White Choco boasts a rich and creamy milk taste, tantalizing taste buds and evoking memories of sweet childhood treats.  

Chocolit White joined the Chocolit family, bringing a fun and vibrant twist to the comforting taste of milk chocolate for the Sri Lankan market. Its delicious milky taste was sure to be a hit with both kids and teenagers.     

The launch catered to every milky choco whim! Consumers could indulge in a decadent Chocolit White Slab for a shareable treat. For on-the-go adventures, Chocolit White Bar offered perfectly portioned and wrapped convenience. And for those seeking a textural surprise, the Chocolit White Crispy Ball provided delightful pops of crunch enrobed in smooth white choco, making it an irresistible and fun pick-me-up.    

With the launch of Chocolit White, Diana Chocolates invited everyone to rediscover the joy of that classic milky taste!  

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