Capital Alliance PLC (CAL) Treasuries facilitates easy and secure online investments in Treasury Bills and Bonds

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As a licensed Primary Dealer of Government Securities for the last 22 years, Capital Alliance  PLC (CAL) is one of the leading licensed Primary Dealers in Sri Lanka that routinely breaks down barriers to investing. In its latest initiative, CAL is offering its customers in Sri Lanka the opportunity to invest in Sri Lankan Government issued Treasury Bills and Bonds Online through its own digital banking portal ( Customers can select from a range of Treasury Bills and Bonds of different tenors and maturities that are made available for the clients to to purchase without any delay as long as they have valid identification, a bank account and a laptop, PC or mobile with an internet connection to conduct the investment.

Damien Rayen – Head of Fixed Income Sales, CAL said, “CAL is committed to making investment accessible to every citizen and the launch of our new portal embodies our goal. For the longest time the Treasury bills and bonds market has been largely dominated by corporates and high net worth individuals with limited access to retail investors. Given the current interest rate environment we strongly believe the launch of our new platform will allow the retail investors also to reap the benefits of this high interest rate environment with easy access to Treasury Bills and Bonds.”

CAL customers do not have to visit CAL or any physical location. They can conduct the investment securely through the CAL web portal. The necessary payments too can be made online which are quick and convenient, with the entire transaction completed in less than 5 minutes. The platform focuses on the user experience, simplifying the process into 3 easy steps, whilst being secured by the latest security and KYC protocols. 

Tharindra Kulasinghe, Chief Information Officer for CAL added, “CAL has been leading the industry by introducing new financial technologies to Sri Lankans, allowing them to access and invest in instruments that were traditionally difficult to access for the retail market. Our aim is to simplify and democratize investing for Sri Lankans and broaden access to capital markets. We have focused a lot on the user experience for the client to provide a simplified and seamless experience, as many find investing a daunting task. We also want to educate our investors on the products available to them so we have a comprehensive suite of educational material made available via our Youtube channel, CAL website and social media channels”

Individuals wishing to avail of this unique opportunity can become a CAL customer digitally using industry leading digital signature and video KYC technologies. Customers can also subscribe to Unit Trust Funds and Stock brokering digitally also using the CAL Platform.

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