Curtin Colombo Staff Exchange Program unlocks potential to empower staff and students

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Visiting Head of School – Management and Marketing, Curtin University leads way

Curtin Colombo hosted a distinguished guest recently with a visit from Professor Julia Richardson, Head of School, Management and Marketing, Curtin University marking an integral part of a staff exchange program between the two institutions.

Curtin Colombo offers a constant connection to Curtin Australia through initiatives such as staff exchange, ensuring a seamless flow of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, students have the unique opportunity to learn from foreign lecturers, providing them with a global advantage that enriches their educational experience and prepares them for a world of opportunities.

During the visit, Prof. Richardson discussed the advantages of Curtin University’s innovative Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. The disruptive BBA program, offered at Curtin Colombo, offers three distinct specializations: International Business, Digital Marketing, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Curtin Colombo has commenced the first intake for the BBA.

“The School of Business at Curtin University has a truly global focus, with over 100 professors representing 27 nationalities worldwide,” stated Professor Richardson, Head, School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University. “Students in Sri Lanka have the opportunity to work with campus staff in Perth, drawing on the experience of lecturers and gaining insights into global business trends. This provides Sri Lankan students with valuable exposure to what is happening not only in Australia but also all over the world.”

She elaborated how the BBA program is designed to help students understand the evolving needs and demands of the global business landscape while fostering the development of a portfolio of critical employability skills, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their careers.

The staff exchange program at Curtin Colombo facilitates knowledge transfer and staff development, enabling the faculties to enhance their teaching skills and professional growth through interaction with Australian counterparts, ultimately benefiting both the institution and students.

The students at Curtin Colombo enjoy direct access to Australian unit coordinators, enabling them to seek expert guidance, clear doubts, and ensure a top-notch education. While interaction with foreign lecturers equips Curtin Colombo students with a global perspective, readying them for opportunities in an interconnected world.

The staff exchange program facilitates a dynamic exchange of knowledge, expertise, and experiences, enriching the educational journeys of faculty and students at both Curtin University and Curtin Colombo.

Prof. Julia’s presence emphasizes the high quality and international standard of the Curtin BBA program offered at Curtin Colombo. As students and parents seek quality education, especially in the field of business, Curtin Colombo’s partnership with Curtin University stands as a testament to its commitment to delivering excellence in higher education.

For more information about Curtin Colombo and its programs, interested students can visit or contact Curtin Colombo at or 076 555 8989.

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