DFCC Bank Bags Gold Award for Best Digital Marketing Campaign at ACEF Asia Leaders Awards 2023

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DFCC Bank, the future-facing “Bank for Everyone”, has once again proved its mettle on the international stage by clinching the Gold Award for Best Social Media Content on YouTube at the prestigious ACEF Asia Leaders Awards 2023. Accordingly, this marks the 3rd consecutive year that DFCC Bank has received awards for digital marketing at the ACEF Asia Leaders Awards. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to DFCC Bank’s commitment to innovation and its deep-rooted connection with the culture and business landscape of Sri Lanka.

In a digital world flooded with content, DFCC Bank stood out by seamlessly merging cultural values with business acumen in its 2022 Avurudu campaign. The winning entry, titled “DFCC Bank Avurudu Hallmark YouTube Video 2022”, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers and judges alike.

Nilmini Gunaratne, Vice President- Head of Marketing and Sustainability at DFCC Bank, expressed her pleasure: “This Gold Award underscores our dedication to excellence in marketing and our unwavering commitment to the betterment of Sri Lanka’s business ecosystem. We are proud of our team’s efforts in crafting a campaign that promotes our brand and contributes to the preservation and promotion of Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage and its vital MSME sector. This award also reflects the effectiveness of our marketing mix and strategy, which now incorporates digital marketing as an integral part of connecting with our target groups, driving engagement and brand awareness through their preferred digital platforms.”

The uniqueness of this campaign lies in its ability to blend cultural and business values harmoniously. The video not only celebrated the rich traditions of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year but also underscored the vital role of MSMEs in Sri Lanka’s economy. This creative approach resonated with the audience and strategically enhanced Top of Mind (TOM) awareness about the DFCC Bank brand amongst the target group and the public.

“Sinhala and Tamil New Year is the largest and most widely celebrated cultural festival in Sri Lanka and is centred around culture, tradition, and family values,” explained Nilmini, “So, for Avurudu 2022, we wanted to do something different. Something that would excite and resonate. At the time, the country was recovering from the economic hit caused by the pandemic, which had a massive impact on the MSME sector and consumers. As a bank committed to supporting MSMEs and individuals, we crafted this video to showcase the Avurudu cultural values while strategically incorporating our values as a bank, using an innovative approach.”

The strategic placement of DFCC Bank’s brand elements throughout the video ensured strong brand visibility, a key factor in making this campaign stand out. The video’s vibrant music, dialogue and emotion added a fresh perspective and a layer of depth and engagement, enhancing the overall impact.

A defining feature of the campaign was DFCC Bank’s innovative advertising strategy. Recognising the nature of various social platforms, the Bank experimented with a unique approach for advertising on Meta Platforms, which includes Facebook and Instagram. This approach was well-received, effectively driving these platforms’ audiences to the main video on YouTube.

With 87,000 views on YouTube, this video has significantly impacted DFCC Bank’s message of cultural celebration and support for MSMEs. The video now represents DFCC Bank’s unwavering commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and celebrating the essence of Sri Lankan culture.

DFCC Bank’s achievement at the ACEF Asia Leaders Awards 2023 not only positions the Bank as a leader in creative marketing but also underscores its dedication to the socioeconomic development of Sri Lanka. As the banking industry continues to evolve, DFCC Bank remains at the forefront, setting new standards of creativity and innovation.

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