DFCC Bank Hosts a Power Breakfast with the Global ICC Chair in Bid to Empower Trade Customers

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DFCC Bank, a leading force in facilitating trade services and trade finance in Sri Lanka, recently hosted a Power Breakfast exclusively for their trade customers.  This event, conducted in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka, featured a notable speaker, Ms. Maria Fernanda Garza, who serves as the Global Chair of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).  

Ms Garza is the first female Global Chair of the ICC, and is also presently the CEO of Orestia, a home improvement solutions company based in Mexico, with exports to the USMCA region, Latin-America and Asia. A lifelong advocate for small and medium businesses in her home country and around the world, she has also served for 19 years in the Mexican Employers’ Association (COPARMEX) and as Vice-President for four years. Her keynote address at DFCC Bank’s Power Breakfast, entitled ‘Global Trends in International Trade Facilitation,’ presented a comprehensive and macro perspective of the recent advances in technology and developments in global trade.  

Thimal Perera, the CEO of DFCC Bank PLC, was appreciative of this event and stated “We are deeply honoured to have hosted Ms Garza, along with other distinguished representatives from the ICC, Sri Lanka and globally. Above all, it was a privilege to welcome our esteemed trade customers. As Sri Lanka embarks on its journey of economic recovery, our primary focus has been to provide unwavering support to our trade customers. With positive economic indicators emerging, we firmly believe that international trade plays a pivotal role in driving a sustainable recovery, leading to economic growth. Consequently, this initiative marks a significant milestone in our collaborative efforts with our trade customers to contribute to Sri Lanka’s economic renaissance.”

The much-anticipated event took place at Movenpick Hotel Colombo on the 20th of October 2023 and was attended by over 75 of DFCC Bank’s most prominent trade customers in addition to distinguished guests and key members of the Bank’s senior management team. This event served as a platform to engage DFCC’s key import and export customers in mutually beneficial discussions accompanied by a delightful breakfast.

Expressing her insights, Ms Maria Fernanda Garza, Global Chair of the ICC, articulated, “The potential for unlocking substantial value through international trade for a nation like Sri Lanka is boundless, particularly in light of the evolving trade facilitation landscape. This allows Sri Lanka to leverage its inherent strengths and disseminate this value globally, concurrently offering vital market prospects for enterprises operating in diverse regions. Consequently, it is heartening to witness forward-thinking institutions such as DFCC Bank actively bolstering external trade.”

Central to the theme of the Power Breakfast was a comprehensive dialogue on the significance of global trade facilitation and their frameworks and the progress made globally.  While Sri Lanka has made notable advancements in streamlining trade facilitation processes, it was acknowledged that room for further improvement exists. The discussions also underscored the importance of advocating for diplomatic interventions to foster improved global trade relations by establishing trade agreements and other appropriate mechanisms.

The Chairperson of ICC Sri Lanka, Shanil Fernando commented, “Our primary objective is to facilitate the optimal performance of Sri Lanka’s import and export enterprises, fostering increased collaboration among businesses, governmental bodies, and international organisations. We are happy to have collaborated with DFCC Bank and to bring this event to fruition and eagerly anticipate the prospects it may unveil.”

DFCC Bank has played a pivotal role in advancing Sri Lanka’s international trade for over seven decades, with a greater focus on the export sector. The Bank is instrumental in promoting economic growth and stability, offering an expansive array of trade financing services. DFCC Bank’s commitment is exemplified by providing competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms via export-focused credit facilities, ensuring that businesses are adequately equipped to thrive in the global marketplace. DFCC Bank’s suite of trade finance solutions, which encompasses letters of credit and export bills, streamlines transactions while effectively managing risks for exporters and importers. Furthermore, the Bank’s expertise in foreign exchange and astute understanding of global market dynamics empowers its customers to make well-informed decisions. DFCC Bank’s unwavering dedication to supporting Sri Lanka’s import and export enterprises positions it as a reliable and trusted partner in facilitating international trade and facilitating broader economic prosperity.

About DFCC Bank

DFCC Bank is a full-service commercial bank with a rich history of 68 years and offers a diverse range of commercial and development banking services. As part of its Sustainability Strategy 2020-2030, the Bank aims to become a leading institution contributing to greater resilience by creating resilient businesses and supporting green financing and sustainable, socially responsible entrepreneurship. The Bank has received numerous accolades, including being named the ‘Most Trusted Retail Banking Brand’ and the ‘Best Customer Service Banking Brand’ in Sri Lanka in 2021 by Global Brands Magazine UK and ‘Market Leader and Best in Service in Cash Management 2022’ by Euromoney. Additionally, DFCC Bank is ranked among Business Today’s Top 40 Corporates in Sri Lanka, is rated A- (lka) by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited and is regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Attesting to its commitment to sustainability, DFCC Bank is also the first, and presently only, entity in Sri Lanka to have received accreditation from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), granting it access to concessionary funding worth USD 250 million to support climate mitigation and adaptation projects across the Island.

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