“DIMO Agribusinesses” Introduces Sri Lanka’s First Boat Tractor “Bison” Revolutionizing Local Agriculture Sector

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DIMO, a leading diversified conglomerate in Sri Lanka, once again affirms its commitment towards innovation in agriculture with the launch of the country’s first boat tractor, the Bison through its agriculture arm, DIMO Agribusinesses. 

The Bison Boat Tractor stands out as the only tractor suitable for any paddy field. What sets this boat tractor apart is its remarkable ability to perform deep puddling, making it ideal for marshy paddy fields where conventional land preparation methods often fall short.   

Rajeev Pandithage, Executive Director of DIMO who also oversees the Agriculture machinery segment in the group, commented on the significance of this innovation, stating, “The Bison Boat Tractor is the latest introduction by DIMO for empowering the agriculture mechanization drive in the country. This latest innovation will redefine the cultivation mechanisms in the country while fuelling dreams and aspirations of the farming community.”  

One of the standout features of the Bison Boat Tractor is its remarkable efficiency, capable of completing puddling on one hectare of land in less than an hour. With the Bison Boat Tractor, farmers can significantly reduce both the time and cost associated with land preparation. Depending on the field condition, farmers can reduce land preparation costs by an impressive 75-90%  while saving 60-70% on time through this tractor. Machinery like Bison Boat Tractors will enhance the working standards of farmers minimizing contact with mud while lowering the possibility of spreading diseases such as Leptospirosis. 

DIMO Agribusinesses’ Bison Boat Tractor boasts a fuel efficiency of 5-6 liters of diesel per acre and is equipped with a 22-horsepower engine, ensuring optimal performance in the field. Moreover, the deep puddling capabilities of the Bison Boat Tractor result in even mixing of the soil, providing essential nutrients to crop roots. The tractor maintains a well-balanced surface level across the paddy field, contributing to efficient water management. Additionally, deep puddling aids in weed control by destroying weed fractions and promoting healthy growth in the root system of the crops.   

DIMO Agribusinesses’ commitment to the agricultural sector extends beyond innovation. The company offers unmatched after-sales services covering every corner of the island, ensuring that farmers can rely on the Bison Boat Tractor with confidence. The tractor’s design, featuring two iron wheels, a rack, roller, and plug disk, makes it ideal for working in muddy lands, further enhancing its versatility.   

DIMO Agribusinesses’ introduction of the Bison Boat Tractor represents a significant contribution to agriculture mechanization in Sri Lanka. It opens up new possibilities for utilizing a broader range of cultivation fields, whether muddy or normal.  This also exemplifies DIMO Agribusinesses’ commitment to bring the next generation Agriculture to Sri Lanka.    


Photo Caption : Newly introduced Bison Boat tractor by DIMO

About DIMO

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) is involved in a number of related fields and represents many prestigious principals – Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Jeep, KSB, TATA Motors, MTU, Komatsu, Michelin, Zeiss, MRF, Bomag, Claas, TK Elevator, Mahindra Tractors and Stanley to name a few. From a company known for vehicles, DIMO today has diversified into many areas. Medical Engineering, Building Management Systems and Services, Power Generation and Distribution, Material Handling, Storage and Warehouse solutions, Power Tools, Agricultural Equipment, Total Lighting Solutions, Power systems and Generators, Refrigeration, Ship Repairing and Driver Training Courses are some of the areas into which DIMO has entered during the past few decades. DIMO has also diversified into fertilizer and agriculture input market. DIMO successfully entered into overseas markets in the Maldives and Myanmar, by expanding their Marine and General Engineering services through partnerships in the Maldives and their automobiles and automobile servicing segments into Myanmar. DIMO is currently working to consolidate on current overseas operations with new markets in East Africa.

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