Driving Change: JW Networks launches Sri Lanka’s first-ever females-only motorsport awareness program

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JW Networks, an organisation founded by Sri Lankan motorsport enthusiast Jorgina Donna, presents ‘Girls on Wheels’, a pioneering initiative that empowers female motorsport enthusiasts aged 16 and above by unveiling opportunities for them to embrace motorsport and explore career possibilities in it. The event is making history as the first-ever females-only motorsport awareness program in Sri Lanka. It highlights the importance of gender inclusivity in traditionally male-dominated fields while bringing together motorsport and road safety, offering a unique platform for participants to learn, experience, and envision a future in the fast lane.

Debuting on 24th November, ‘Girls on Wheels’ is set to break barriers by transforming Green Yard Pink Auto and Pro Ride Electric Kart track into a hub of road safety and motorsport excitement. JW Networks has collaborated with reputed industry partners the Automobile Association and Sri Lanka Auto Sport to conduct a road safety drive and showcase the dynamics of motorsport. Female participants will be able to enhance their knowledge and understanding of a career in motorsport by taking advantage of the chance to explore it as a viable career path through insightful sessions by industry experts and engaging live demonstrations by Sri Lanka Auto Sport. The event also champions road safety awareness alongside motorsport enthusiasm, creating a transformative experience for all participants. The support from numerous reputed industry professionals amplifies the project’s impact, providing participants with insights and encouragement to pursue motorsport careers.

Beyond the track, JW Networks’ podcast ‘Jorgy’s Stripping the Dipping Motorsport Series’ amplifies the voices of diverse professionals and has built a global community. It has achieved international acclaim and prominent figures from F1 to NASCAR have commended ‘Girls on Wheels’ endorsing the initiative as a groundbreaking step for female participation in motorsport. Additionally, respected figures from diverse fields have hailed the initiative as a groundbreaking step towards inclusivity and empowerment.

More information on ‘Girls On Wheels’ can be obtained via their socials JW-Networks or by calling 076 262 9466

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