Fairfirst to launch a trilingual online advisory platform to educate & empower the community on risk mitigation

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Fairfirst’s commitment to a proactive community-engagement agenda plays a key role in The Fairfirst Way of promoting Sensible Optimism. In light of their efforts, the Company launched a special trilingual advisory platform that provides an array of safety guidelines targeted at individuals, corporates and the community. The advisory platform, curated with the help of in-house and external subject experts, shares documented insights/precautionary measures on how to grasp and adapt to a changing environment, especially during a pandemic. The guidelines are available on the company’s website, www.fairfirst.lk/safety-first, and downloadable free of charge for the community in a preferred language of their choice. 

The advisory platform provides educational insights on a broad range of topics focusing on a corporate and personal level. In ensuring business continuity against the unexpected, essential guidelines are made freely available to corporates, some of which aim at preventing the spread of COVID-19 amongst their premises whilst ensuring employees safety, safeguarding businesses from possible cyber-attacks and even tips on getting back into business after shutting down. In parallel, individuals and the community also have access to a range of topics that help them make proactive decisions on maintaining physical and mental well-being during COVID-19, to even staying safe from lightning, cyclone and the rise of dengue in the monsoon season.

Apart from educating and empowering the community, Fairfirst also creates conversations within the company and business partners via the Fairfirst Academy by delivering engaging and conversational online sessions. Through these sessions, employees receive advice from authorised health professionals on the importance of fitness while staying at home, upholding a well-balanced diet, creating awareness on combating COVID-19 and more. Business partners are too educated on topics, such as securing a post-COVID strategy before buying insurance to other relevant subjects. 

Therefore, it’s not just through products and services but also through proactive social initiatives that the Company helps the community progress with life. Being a responsible corporate citizen is also an integral part of the Company’s global values. That is why Fairfirst’s thinking is not boxed into short term goals with immediate results but goes beyond what meets the eye.

Fairfirst is a leading insurance company that is part of the Canadian-based Fairfax Group. Apart from serving individuals, businesses and institutions across this beautiful island, the company has a keen focus and commitment towards the community. Fairfirst believes that business is a force to do good. With good business comes good profits; and with good profits, the chance to give back to the community is twice fold.

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