Founder of Mymech Afzal honoured for innovative leadership at the Middle East Banking AI Summit

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The Founder and CEO of Mymech, Mohamed Afzal has been honoured with two prestigious awards, “Enterprise Risk Leader of the Year 2024” and “Best Use Case of AI-driven Innovation” at the 8th Edition of the Middle East Banking AI and Analytics Summit 2024 (MEBAI). These accolades highlight Afzal’s contributions to the fields of risk management and artificial intelligence within the financial services industry.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Afzal has transformed the automotive repair landscape in Sri Lanka through Mymech, a platform that connects reliable mechanics with vehicle owners. His journey from humble beginnings to international acclaim is a testament to his dedication and innovative spirit.

The Enterprise Risk Leader of the Year award acknowledges Afzal’s strategic vision and unparalleled dedication to risk mitigation. His work at Vision Invest, a leading Saudi Arabian development and investment holding company, has set new standards in enterprise risk management. 

Vision Invest is at the forefront of Public and Private Sector Partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Afzal’s leadership in this arena has been instrumental in enhancing the overall risk maturity and landscape for various financial service companies in the region.

Afzal’s second accolade, the Best Use Case of AI-driven Innovation, celebrates his creativity and forward-thinking approach to applying artificial intelligence. His innovative use of AI has distinguished Vision Invest among top banks and financial institutions, driving significant advancements in the industry.

He expressed, “What an honour to be recognised and awarded at the Middle East Banking AI and Analytics Summit. As a Sri Lankan who worked my way up to start my own company pioneering a vehicle repair digital app, I hope this inspires many other Sri Lankans like me to work hard towards their goals and dreams. This award is a testament to unwavering commitment, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit, as innovation knows no bounds.”

Mohamed Afzal’s journey is truly inspiring. As a young Sri Lankan who has worked tirelessly to achieve his goals, gaining recognition on an international platform is both an honour and a beacon of hope for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Founded by Afzal in 2017, Mymech is a digital platform designed to connect vehicle owners with skilled mechanics. The platform ensures that car owners receive consistent, quality services from branded mechanical services to small-time vendors. With Mymech, users can access reliable automobile technicians for emergency breakdowns, routine maintenance, car inspections, and more, all through an easy-to-use app available on both iOS and Android devices.

“Mymech is profoundly changing the process of auto maintenance and repair by bringing a higher level of convenience, efficiency, and transparency to car owners and auto technicians alike,” Afzal explained. “We are addressing the top challenges for flexible service, including mobility-centred repair services delivered to multiple fleet locations. Since our inception, we have grown and expanded across the country, successfully helping over 1,000 customers.”

Afzal is a seasoned Risk Management Specialist based in the Middle East, with extensive experience in banking, risk management, credit analysis, and Islamic finance. He is a certified member of the Institute of Risk Management (UK) and is recognized for his ability to embrace change and identify opportunities in the market. His entrepreneurial spirit and ethical approach continue to inspire and build stronger communities. For more information on Mymech, visit or contact +94 777 319 141.

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