Hameedia marks Father’s Day with exciting surprises to celebrate your “father figure”

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Hameedia, Sri Lanka’s leading menswear brand that is synonymous with style and quality, is ready to help customers celebrate Father’s Day by bringing two exciting offers.

Father’s Day is a special day that is usually thought of as a day for celebrating the father in your life but it need not be limited to that. For many people out there, it is a day to celebrate brothers, uncles, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, teachers, a friend’s father or any sort of “father figure” in your life. These special individuals make significant sacrifices, put food on the table, provide guidance and knowledge, and are a source of inspiration to all. Father’s Day gives the world the opportunity to express our love, admiration and gratitude to these special individuals and acknowledge their efforts in making our lives better.

Hameedia Father’s Day promotion presents customers the chance to purchase classy yet simple and affordable gift packages from Rs. 4000 upwards. Hameedia Father’s day gift guide has 6 packages from Envoy and Le Bond brands. These packages will include Business wear, Office wear, Casual wear, and Linen wear items to suit your budget and style of your father figure. To give the package an exclusive, elegant look and feel, Hameedia has included a box for each package. Orders can be conveniently placed online or by contacting Hameedia on 0777122221. Gift boxes will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep within 48 hours.

Hameedia also has a special Father’s Day contest on Facebook that is open to the general public. Any individual can submit a written message to convey how he or she feels about the father or father figure in their lives. All messages will be posted on the official Hameedia Facebook page for voting through Likes. The 5 Father’s Day messages with the highest number of Likes will win Hameedia gift packs and one of them would be picked as the lucky winner to take his/her father for a special dinner at My Friend Café.

Additionally, in partnership with My Friend Foundation, a social service organization focused on improving the lives of underprivileged communities in the country, Hameedia is using Father’s Day to bring attention to the plight of neglected or abandoned fathers living on the streets across the country. The general public can submit any information related to such individuals by emailing fhgrooming@hameedia.lk or by contacting 0768652468. Hameedia will evaluate the circumstances of each individual and work towards taking care of these innocent elderly lives. Managing Director of Hameedia Fouzul Hameed stated, “Father’s Day is a very special day as it is a day to celebrate the heroic men in our lives who make great sacrifices to take care of the family and be responsible citizens of the country. Despite the severe restrictions caused by the pandemic, we felt that it is important to give our valued customers the chance to celebrate Father’s Day especially since everyone is at home. This is the perfect opportunity to surprise that father figure, show him how much you care with a unique gift and bond with him by making special memories.”

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