Hemas Group and Lanka Sathosa join hands to combat Plastic Pollution: Eco-Bag initiative launched to transform Consumer Habits

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In a significant move towards environmental stewardship, Hemas partnered with Lanka Sathosa to address the escalating plastic waste problem and promote sustainable living in local communities.

Left to Right – Sabrina Esufally – Managing Director of Hemas Consumer Brands, Pasanda Yapa Abeywardana – Chairman of Lanka Sathosa Limited, Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson – Group CEO of Hemas Holdings PLC and Sampath Sri Senawatte – CEO of Lanka Sathosa Limited

Spearheaded by the Hemas Consumer Brands’ Sales Team, customers shopping at Lanka Sathosa will be given a complimentary reusable eco-friendly bag upon purchasing Hemas products. In the initial phase, 40,000 eco-friendly bags will be distributed across 440 Lanka Sathosa outlets throughout the island. 

Eco bags will be strategically distributed to outlets based on their footfall, and the bags feature a unique barcode system, enabling recurring discounts to incentivise people to reuse them, fostering sustainable habits amongst the communities. 

Additionally, to encourage responsible plastic waste disposal, Hemas and Lanka Sathosa will set up dedicated plastic waste collection bins at Sathosa outlets. Customers who responsibly deposit plastic items in these bins will be rewarded with coupons, and a monthly raffle will be conducted to offer an added incentive for individuals to actively participate in reducing plastic waste.

Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson, Group CEO of Hemas Holdings PLC, emphasised the importance of this initiative, stating, “At Hemas, we recognize our duty in tackling plastic waste. Partnering with Lanka Sathosa marks a crucial step toward a sustainable future, fostering awareness and good habits. Our hope is that incentivizing consumers to adopt eco-friendly practices will change consumption habits and contribute to a healthier environment.”

Pasanda Yapa Abeywardana, Chairman of Lanka Sathosa Limited, echoed similar sentiments, “We are committed to promoting sustainability within our communities, and this partnership with Hemas is a significant stride towards that goal. I am also confident that Sathosa’s network across Sri Lanka will serve as a catalyst for this initiative to reach grassroots levels.”

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in Hemas Group’s Environmental Agenda, committing to offset all consumer plastic waste and promote sustainable practices in local communities.

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