Hemas Manufacturing Triumphs at the National Project Management Excellence Awards 2023

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Hemas Manufacturing, a trailblazing force in the industry, has once again demonstrated its prowess by clinching top honours at the prestigious National Project Management Excellence Awards 2023. The company secured a Gold Medal in the highly competitive Best Managed Project in the Manufacturing Sector category.

This momentous victory stands as a testament to Hemas Manufacturing’s exceptional agility in navigating the intricate landscape of change, brought about by the unprecedented economic conditions that prevailed last year. Hemas Manufacturing’s success is founded on its forward-thinking strategy of optimizing resources through the skilful execution of the Rightsizing project. This innovative initiative, meticulously curated by the company, examined four critical dimensions of manufacturing input resources: People, Machinery, Energy, and Materials.

The goal of the Rightsizing project was to steer the company towards optimum operational efficiency, reducing wastage to an absolute minimum, all the while ensuring a symbiotic relationship with its dedicated workforce. Hemas Manufacturing defied the odds by achieving remarkable savings to across all its manufacturing inputs. This was primarily done by adopting Lean philosophy of eliminating activities for which customer is not willing to pay. 

The National Project Management Excellence Awards, a hallmark event in the industry, is orchestrated by the esteemed Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI stands as a globally acclaimed authority for an ever-expanding community of project professionals and individual’s the art of project management. The Sri Lanka Chapter of the Project Management Institute holds the honour of being the official Charter of the global PMI Institute, ardently dedicated to disseminating best practices in project management within the country. By recognizing excellence in the realm of project management, the awards ceremony underscores the commitment of local professionals to advancing the field and achieving unparalleled milestones.

Hemas Manufacturing’s achievement at the National Project Management Excellence Awards 2023 not only underscores its unconquerable spirit and dexterity in the industry but also highlights its unwavering commitment to driving innovation, efficiency and employee welfare amidst the most challenging of circumstances. These accolades stand as a testament to Hemas Manufacturing’s unyielding pursuit of excellence and its enduring legacy as a beacon of innovation in the manufacturing and retail sectors.

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