Iconic Developments donates dry rations to families in need

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One of Sri Lanka’s leading real estate developers, Iconic Developments, recently donated dry rations packs to impoverished families in the Moragasmulla area in Rajagiriya to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

On the 13th of April, the dry ration packs were distributed to residents in the surrounding areas of the Sri Sudharmarama Purana Viharaya in Rajagiriya, which is in close proximity to the upcoming Iconic Skye project. The packs were distributed under the patronage of Venerable Panakaduwe Nanda Thero. Also, a key member assisting the ration distribution was the Officer in Charge of the Welikada Police, Chinthaka Anuradha. Several residents of the first Iconic development project also assisted this initiative. 

“In these trying times, it is important to give back to the community. Iconic Developments has always been a people’s brand, and we endeavour to assist these impoverished families in their times of turmoil,” stated Chairperson of Iconic Developments, Rohan Parikh.

The rations were distributed on a token basis, wherein the Police, the representatives of the Viharaya, the Public Health Inspector of the area and the Grama Sevaka identified underprivileged families in dire need of rations and distributed tokens. At the same time, the team at Iconic Developments made arrangements to assist the identified families.

The dry rations pack included essential food items such as rice, dhal, sugar, tea and necessary vegetables. Amid the unprecedented economic crisis in Sri Lanka, rice prices have risen to “unbearable levels” in the island nation, and many families have been unable to afford their staple.

“We were much honoured to step up as volunteers to assist these families in the constantly worsening economic situation of Sri Lanka. In light of the extremely prestigious Sinhala and Tamil New Year, these families have benefited from the necessities that are very difficult to purchase. We wish all Sri Lankans a very happy and prosperous Sinhala and Tamil New Year and pray that the country’s situation improves. We are proud to have made the New Year brighter for Sri Lankans as well,” stated Shiraz Dawood, Country Director and COO of Iconic Developments.

This ration distribution is one of many CSR initiatives spearheaded by Iconic Developments. As a brand that attracts many investors to the island nation, Iconic Developments has asserted its commitment to put Sri Lanka on the investment map and display all its luxuries to the world beyond. With its two existing magnificent residential complexes, Iconic Developments is set to launch its third project Iconic Skye as part of its commitment to elevate Rajagiriya as the hotspot of some of the fastest-growing properties in Sri Lanka.

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