IIHS appoints new Director for International Marketing and Development

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Sri Lanka’s pioneer healthcare education provider, International Institute of Health Science (IIHS), having pioneering in Nursing education in Sri Lanka, is looking to take its model to the region and beyond. 

Carl Jones

As part of an ambitious internationalization strategy, which seeks to contribute to an expansive post-pandemic Sri Lankan export sector and develop indigenous research capacity, IIHS has appointed long-time international education figure, Carl Jones.

Newly appointed board member and Director, International & Development, Carl has been with IIHS since January 2021 playing a development and advisory role in expanding student recruitment beyond Sri Lanka.  Drawing on years of experience in education marketing in prestigious universities including Deakin University, Australia, he is charged with developing partnership and recruitment opportunities and developing international distribution channels.

Commenting on his new appointment, Mr Jones said, “It was truly an honour to be invited to be a part IIHS organisation and its ambitious program. I have known IIHS for many years and, as an observer and partner, I’ve been incredibly impressed with its trajectory and culture.   With its international ‘multiversity’ plans, and its soon to come degree awarding status, IIHS is set to become a significant regional player in a world that needs new dynamic, flexible and integrous models of healthcare education”.

“It goes without saying this is a most opportune time to be involved with such a provider in Sri Lanka. There is literally endless employment opportunity in the health sector at home, in the region and in the developed world.  And together we can leverage a model, quality, passionate educators, and a price-point that will literally become the envy of traditionally better resourced international competitors.

Carl’s area of focus will be South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Dr Kithsiri, Edirisinghe, CEO & Co-Founder IIHS commented, “ We are delighted to have Carl on board. He will definitely be a vital asset to us as we journey ahead, By opening doors for foreign students to come to IIHS , we are able to support the Sri Lankan economy through foreign remittances and can further help develop the country as a tourist destination. Students in the region will benefit from this offering as they will have access to quality education at an affordable price and furthermore secure employment in the first world. We have an enormous opportunity as a nation to be an exporter of skilled labour . I believe Carl will add a lot of value when taking the brand to the region and the first world.”

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