IMPACT IT and Magicbit Build a Strategic Partnership to Transform Global Markets

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IMPACT IT, a renowned technology solutions company with over a decade of international expertise, has forged a strategic partnership with Magicbits (Pvt) Ltd, a leading ed-tech solutions provider specializing in STEM education. This collaboration is driven by the shared vision of expanding the reach of the innovative Magicbit platform across key markets, including the UAE, UK, USA, and Australia. The primary objective of this partnership is to leverage the unique strengths of both organizations to introduce the Magicbit platform to various B2B segments within each target country. These segments encompass private and public schools, STEM education institutions, summer camps, registered suppliers in the education sector, and corporate entities interested in offering intelligent corporate gifts to their clientele.

Magicbit is a cutting-edge innovation platform meticulously tailored for students aged 9 and above, serving as an immersive arena for mastering an array of advanced technologies including IoT, robotics, programming, electronics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Distinguished by its innovation ecosystem, Magicbit seamlessly integrates hardware, software, a mobile application, and a myriad of accessories to deliver a comprehensive and versatile solution for budding innovators. The hardware and software suite of Magicbit platform is easy to learn and caters from beginner to expert level. Magicbit is packed with powerful features such as pluggable modules, interoperability with popular software and a wide range of applications. This allows innovators to develop solutions for a wide range of applications and scale up solutions from simple to complex level using the same platform. Magicbit supports programming languages and frameworks such as Arduino, microPython, PlatformIO, .net Nano Framework, Visual Micro, ESP-IDF, Java Script as well as IoT platforms such as, Blynk,,, Azure, AWS, and GCP. 

MagicbitCo Founder and CEO Migara Amithodana stated, “Magicbit provides students as young as 9 or 10 years the opportunity to build inventions using latest technologies like IoT, Robotics, programming, electronics and AI. The main objective of Magicbit is to make STEM education easy, accessible and affordable to children around the world. Having established ourselves as a force in STEM education in Sri Lanka, we are seeking to expand into different parts of the globe and therefore wanted to partner with an organisation that has the knowledge and the capability to help us succeed in UAE, USA, UK and Australia. IMPACT IT Solutions meets this requirement perfectly and we’re excited about what lies ahead as we embark on this journey together to take Magicbit to these advanced markets.”

IMPACT IT boasts a comprehensive proficiency in leveraging Microsoft’s array of products and services, which encompasses distinguished offerings like SharePoint, Power Apps Workflow Solutions, and the dynamic Business Intelligence Dashboards driven by Power BI. The company’s footprint extends across strategic global locations, including Sri Lanka, Dubai, United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. As esteemed Microsoft Partners, it is dedicated to harnessing state-of-the-art tools and cutting-edge technologies to facilitate seamless digital transformations.

Within its extensive portfolio, IMPACT IT proudly showcases a range of proprietary products, such as Enimbus360, WE4E, Power BI Portal, Atnube, and Infarance. Additionally, the company’s solutions encompass a diverse spectrum, ranging from e-commerce solutions and IT consultancy to Microsoft licensing and tailored, bespoke solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner (Cloud Solutions Provider), IMPACT IT exhibits profound expertise in implementing Microsoft Products and Licenses, empowering enterprises with ERP solutions, including the integration of Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Power BI, and Office 365 to enhance productivity and stimulate sustainable growth.

The Founder and CEO of IMPACT IT, Mr. Shameera Prajapriya, draws upon a wealth of corporate experience spanning over a decade within the realm of IT-related technologies, accrued across diverse business landscapes. His entrepreneurial acumen has led to the inception of multiple successful business startups, informed by his extensive industrial insights. Mr. Prajapriya’s professional achievements include accolades such as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Azure, alongside numerous national and international awards. In expressing his perspective on this pivotal partnership, he remarked, “We take immense pride in participating in this collaborative endeavor to introduce an exemplary Sri Lankan product to a broader international audience. Leveraging our firm’s domain knowledge and market expertise in the UAE, USA, UK, and Australia, we embrace this exciting opportunity to contribute to Magicbit’s forthcoming phase of expansion. We remain confident that our combined synergies will leave a profound mark in these diverse markets.”

In an era where Sri Lankan ICT companies increasingly seek avenues for global expansion to fortify their presence and bolster the nation’s ICT exports, the strategic partnership between IMPACT IT and Magicbit emerges as a timely and promising initiative that bodes well for the industry’s future.

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