In Conversation With Kevin Jiang, CEO of vivo Sri Lanka On What Makes vivo Special, Goals for 2022 And More

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  1. It’s been more than four years since vivo entered the Sri Lankan Market. During this time, how has vivo established in the market? How is vivo developing in overseas markets?

We embarked on our journey in South Asia in April 2014, and have gradually expanded to Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and other regions. In particular, exceptional achievements were made in South Asia and Southeast Asia, and a healthy, steady and sustainable growth is central to establishing vivo’s presence in international markets. 

Since our first entry into Sri Lanka in 2017, we have dedicated significant resources to understanding the needs of the consumers in the country including in-depth research to inform our product development team. We don’t innovate for the sake of innovation alone, but instead design with the goal of addressing customer needs to achieve the best possible mobile experience. With our product line up in Sri Lanka, we can confidently say that we are dedicated to consistently invest in products by developing industry-leading technology with superb cameras, amazing performance and trendy complementing looks.

  1. How are you catering to your customers in Sri Lanka? What services do you offer your customers?

As a customer-centric brand, vivo works relentlessly and responsibly to ensure end-to-end customer safety and convenience while providing a hassle-free buying experience. We have 2 active service centers in Sri Lanka, in Colombo and Galle, that resolve the smartphone issues of customers. Last year, we started organising the vivo Service Day for an enhanced customer service experience, where customers avail special offers and free services on smartphones and accessories at authorized vivo service centers. We also keep partnering with local e-commerce sites to help customers with exciting gifts and offers on purchase of vivo smartphones.

  1. How is vivo gearing up for the 5G race? Do you have a vision for 6G technology?

Let me start with a little background on vivo’s engagement with 5G. vivo established special 5G task forces back in December 2016 across Beijing and Shenzhen. With more than 100 global standard experts staffed at its communication research institute, vivo now holds over 3,000 patents for 5G inventions. As 5G commercial networks are gradually deployed around the world and progressively advanced devices increasingly permeate every aspect of our livelihoods, thought leaders of the mobile industry are already looking forward to its next generation: 6G. To kickstart this exciting new era, the vivo Communications Research Institute released two white papers in late 2020 that break down the facets of 6G technology.

  1. What are your future plans? How does vivo plan to stand out?

Relying on vivo’s mindset of “going all-in to cultivate the cause”, we will essentially stand out in the high-end market by earning the satisfaction of our targeted users. Doing so requires us to target users across both dimensions: brand and product.

In the product dimension, we strive to design and produce great products that truly appeal to users. In terms of brand, we are focusing our design and brand communication around targeted users in hopes of developing vivo’s brand image, enhancing the sense of trust that consumers have in us and promoting a degree of adoration from users that help shape the brand.

In the next five to ten years, our commitment to stand out will remain an important element and a key strategy of vivo, which cannot be accomplished overnight. We will remain user-oriented in every possible way and maintain a long-term perspective. We are confident that our patience will pay off and small steps we take will eventually move us along the path to success.

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