INFOTEL 2023 on November 03 to fuel SL’s ambitious journey towards digital economy 

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INFOTEL 2023 ICT Exhibition, organised by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), will kick start on November 03 2023, at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall I(BMICH) in Colombo. The exhibition, which is scheduled till November 05, aligns with President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s vision to modernise Sri Lanka through digitisation. The exhibition, themed ‘Fuelling the Digital Economy,’ is being conducted under the guidance of the State Ministry of Technology.

INFOTEL 2023 will focus on key areas of the digital economy to support the Government’s effort to fuel Sri Lanka’s economy through intelligent and modern technology. The exhibition will also cover digital government, smart education, smart health solutions, cyber security, agritech, artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, green energy, and others. It will also provide the general public with the opportunity to experience some of the emerging technologies and how they are used in different solutions. INFOTEL 2023 will also see many local startups showcasing their solutions.

Commenting about the exhibition, Minister of State for Technology Kanaka Herath said, “Since DigiEcon 2030 plan is formulated to accelerate our economy by leveraging technology-based solutions, Infotel exhibition is a key event for Sri Lankans. As the state minister of technology, I would like to extend my fullest support, which will surely make a positive impact on every Sri Lankan.

Developed countries have already digitized their public services, which has increased the efficiency of the public services sector. Therefore, the ‘INFOTEL Information Technology Exhibition’ is a crucial step towards achieving the government’s goal of establishing a digitized Sri Lanka by 2030. This exhibition offers a significant opportunity to engage with government policies regarding the digital economy. It aims to enhance and expand network connectivity, bolster digital infrastructure, fortify digital systems and solutions, promote cashless transactions, and enhance the workforce necessary for advancing the digital economy. We need more events that run down to the common man to speed up our digitizing process.”

FITIS Chairman Indika De Zoysa commented, “Currently, the digital economy contributes $3.7 billion to Sri Lanka’s GDP, a significant but not yet fully realised potential. Our aim is clear: We aspire to elevate this contribution to 20%, aligning with global trends. This ambitious target is not just a vision but a strategic imperative for Sri Lanka’s economic growth and competitiveness. With the expansion of the digital economy, we expect a substantial surge of $15 billion to Sri Lanka’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2030. This transformation will impact every sector of our economy, from government services to commerce, education, and healthcare.”

“In this endeavour, INFOTEL 2023 assumes a pivotal role. We firmly believe that this exhibition will catalyse innovation, collaboration, and the adoption of digital technologies. INFOTEL 2023 is not merely an event; it’s a critical driver in our mission to usher in a new era of digital prosperity for Sri Lanka,” De Zoysa added.

INFOTEL Organizing Committee Chairman Gnanam Sellathurai said, “INFOTEL has always been a beacon of technological innovation and progress, and this year’s exhibition, after a three-year hiatus, promises to be no exception. Our goal is clear: to create an unparalleled platform where the best minds in the tech industry converge to showcase innovation, foster partnerships, and drive digital transformation. With INFOTEL 2023, we are setting the stage for an exciting future for Sri Lanka’s information and communication technology sector.”

INFOTEL was launched in 1992 by President Ranil Wickremesinghe as an initiative to develop the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Today, INFOTEL is the premier national ICT expo in the country, bringing together new technology and solutions for the public and private sectors and the general public. After a three-year hiatus, INFOTEL will be relaunched by FITIS on November 03 to bridge the technological gaps in the past three years.

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