JAAF proactively steps up protective measures for workers

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Media reportage about the rapid increase in Covid-19 infections has been growing.  Since the initial outbreak in 2020, The Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) and member companies continue to closely monitoring the risk of spread at their factories and facilities. In this connection, we would like to bring your attention to the following:

  1. As of September 09th, over 90 per cent of the workers at the factories have been vaccinated with one dose with over 70 per cent of the workforce receiving both doses. At the current pace of vaccinations, we anticipate that the entire workforce will have received both their doses by the end of September 2021.
  2. JAAF member companies are also ensuring that companies involved in the supply chain, and service providers such as cafeteria services, security personnel and those who transport workers and material to and from the factories are vaccinated as well. Many companies have already begun this process, and hope to complete vaccinating all such personnel very soon. 
  3. Social distancing and other safety protocols mandated by the Ministry of Health continue to be  strictly monitored and implemented. Many factories have created safe and secure environments for workers – isolated to teams – to reduce the risk of spread. 
  4. Since the outbreak of the pandemic early last year, JAAF members have been complying with testing requirements and standards in strict accordance with Ministry of Health requirements. Factories are also ensuring ventilation systems are appropriately effective and fully functional.
  5. JAAF is exploring, in coordination with public health authorities, ways of increasing protection for the communities that factories and facilities are located in; the next step will be exploring how workers’ families can be vaccinated rapidly. 
  6. In addition, factories are conducting continuous awareness programmes to keep workers informed of the current situation and the latest developments.

JAAF members take the mental and physical well-being of their workforce very seriously, and are doing everything they must to ensure the safety of their people. Members will keep the authorities and the public at large informed of further developments, periodically. JAAF will provide updates on progress or changes, as appropriate.

About JAAF

The Joint Apparel Association Forum is the apex body which guides Sri Lanka apparel towards its ultimate goal of being the world’s number one apparel sourcing destination. JAAF represents 5 associations that cover supply chain partners, the export oriented apparel manufacturers, buying offices and representatives of international brands in Sri Lanka.

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