Metatechno Lanka partners with the CBL group to facilitate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for their supply invoice automation process

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CBL Group, Sri Lanka’s largest diversified food conglomerate, marked a unique milestone in for the Sri Lankan manufacturing industry by accelerating its digital transformation using Robotic Process Automation to increase its market competitiveness partnering with Metatechno Lanka

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology that mimics the way humans interact with software to perform high-volume and the repeatable tasks. Tracking transactions with their suppliers can be challenging at times and supplier invoices are often received in a variety of different formats. Large numbers of supplier invoices are processed manually into the SAP system within the CBL Group on a daily basis which is time and labour intensive. Automating these manual processes via UiPath Document understanding will result in significant process efficiencies and, Metatechno Lanka aims to completely automate this process using RPA technology with data updated to respective systems without any human involvement.

Partnering with UiPath to combine engineering expertise with the industry’s leading automation platform, the Metatechno Lanka Intelligent Automation team has been delivering world-class automation solutions and helping customers transform their operations. The company has exposure to integration with global technology platforms such as SAP, IFS, Oracle, and Microsoft Etc.

Metatechno Lanka is a fully owned subsidiary of Metatecho Inc Japan. The company specializes in developing Embedded Software, IoT solutions, NFC/ RFID Solutions, Robotic Automation solutions etc. Being a solely owned subsidiary of Metatechno Inc. Japan, Metatechno Lanka has the majority of its clientele in Japan. The company enriched with the business ethics and efficiency of Japanese Management principles, it also blends Sri Lankan culture and its value system to forge a rich working environment.

The CBL Group is a leading diversified food manufacturer producing biscuits, chocolates, cakes, cereals, textured soy, coconut products, spices and organic value added products. CBL’s brands Munchee, Ritzbury, Revello, Tiara, Lankasoy, Samaposha, Nutriline and Sera are leading FMCG brands in Sri Lanka and CBL exports its products to over 65 countries across the globe. The Group relies on state of the art technology and data driven decision making to support its expanding business operations. This innovative automation project was kicked off at Ceylon Biscuits Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of the Group and home to the Munchee brand. 

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