Ministry of Health Approved Barberyn Sands Ayurveda Resort Launched in Bentota

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The first Covid-19 Certified Ayurveda Intermediate Care Centre in Sri Lanka

Approved by the Ministry of Health, the Barberyn Sands Ayurveda Resort was launched at a private function recently, opening the doors to a myriad of International and local clientele that seek healthy treatment plans during and post COVID19. The resort will focus on quality eating patterns with customized ayurveda centric meal plans while offering advice to enhance one’s natural ability to withstand the disease. The property is equipped with a team of qualified doctors and a 24-hour ambulance service, should the need arise for such treatment. 

Launch of Barberyn Sands

The Barberyn Group of Resorts were found in 1968, and pioneered Ayurveda Tourism in Sri Lanka in 1984. Barbery Sands Ayurveda Resorts is the latest addition to Barberyn Group and the Covid19 Intermediate Care Centre offers guests technics for yogic breathing, relaxation for mind, body and soul enhancing each individual’s immunity. The guests are able to work or meditate in a relaxing setting overlooking their verandas to the sea, river or garden as they please.  

Most of the medicines we use are produced at the Barberyn Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (IAAM) in Panadura, where we conduct research on indigenous medicine and medicinal plants. Quality control is maintained throughout the production cycle to ensure the pure natural goodness of the ingredients. Barberyn grows the medicinal plants required for its medicines as well as other rare plants at Barberyn Eco Properties. We also source some from small-scale growers in the surrounding areas,”

Dr. Asanga Rodrigo of Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts explained.
Beach Front Rooms

State Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Rural and Ayurveda Hospital Development and Community Health, Sisira Jayakody said, “The 5000-year-old Ayurveda therapy has two main objectives; that of treating the symptoms of a disease and that of helping individuals to strengthen their immune system. Since COVID19 began we have encountered Ayurveda and the Desheeya Vedakama as two successful streams that have helped Covid patients to recover with better immunity. Our treatments have further helped with post COVID complications too. I am happy that apart from the government hospitals, the private Ayurveda Covid-19 Intermediate Care Centres are embarking on treating covid patients with natural remedies and care.”

Ayurveda gives equal importance to the maintenance of health and the curing of a disease. It does not simply suppress the disease, but rather aims at removing the disease from its root. Ayurvedic principles state that the imbalance of the three biological energies (Tri Dosha) creates a disease – due to years of poor diet, weak digestion, weak metabolism and incomplete elimination of waste matter, inadequate sleep, pollution, stress can lead to the production and accumulation of toxins (Ama) inside your body.

“The opening of the first MOH approved Ayurveda Covid-19 Intermediate Care Centre by Barberyn Resorts is a significant milestone in the healthcare system and the wellness tourism industry in Sri Lanka,” said Mr. Paddy Withana, Former Chairman of Tourist Board and well-known hotelier. “As an entity registered by the Sri Lanka Department of Ayurveda, it combines the western and Ayurvedic approaches in the treatment and after-care relating to Covid-19. It is also a welcome move to attract more tourists to Sri Lanka for Ayurvedic treatment and support the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.” 

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