Mintpay Introduces ‘Pay Now – Instant CashBack’ to turn every purchase into smart savings

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Mintpay, the pioneering ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ platform in Sri Lanka, has announced the launch of its latest feature, “Pay Now – Instant CashBack.” When users choose the ‘Pay Now’ feature and make regular non-instalment transactions, they are rewarded with Instant CashBack up to 10% on every purchase at over 1000 leading stores, whether they are shopping, dining, or booking hotels. The latest experience by Mintpay is similar to everyday shopping but with a bonus reward for every transaction.

Building on its commitment to responsible consumerism and innovative payment solutions, Mintpay’s “Pay Now – Instant CashBack” not only offers a familiar shopping experience but also ensures that customers save more with every day-to-day transaction. By choosing to pay with Mintpay, users are essentially shopping smart, as they consistently pay less and enjoy more rewards with each purchase. However, the exact cashback percentage may vary based on the merchant.

“We believe in a future where every payment is an opportunity. The ‘Pay Now – Instant CashBack’ feature is a step closer to that vision, ensuring our users always come out on top.” said Kukaraj Tharmasegaram, co-founder and CEO of Mintpay. 

While the “Pay Now” feature is the key highlight, Mintpay continues to support its popular “Pay Later” option, allowing users to spread their online purchases into three interest-free instalments using both Debit and Credit cards. This dual offering ensures that Mintpay caters to a wide range of consumer needs, from those seeking the best deals with cashback rewards to those who prefer spreading out their payments.

The introduction of this feature couldn’t be more timely, especially with the upcoming holiday shopping season around the corner. Shoppers now have the golden opportunity to stack up their savings during the sales and promotional periods. By choosing to “Pay Now,” they can enjoy cashback discounts added on top of the holiday deals. 

Urmila Chandrasekaram, the co-founder and COO of Mintpay, stated, “We always seek ways to enhance the shopping experience for our community. The introduction of Mintpay Pay Now is a significant stride toward our mission, offering seamless rewards that transcend payment methods and can be utilized anywhere. We’re dedicated to making everyday shopping more rewarding, regardless of how you choose to pay.”

Mintpay is not just a payment platform; it’s a vision for the future of payments. As Mintpay continues to innovate and expand, the goal is clear: to create a system where every transaction is a win-win. For the consumers, the partner brands, and the broader community. With each 

step, Mintpay is shaping a future where payments are more than just transactions; there are opportunities for everyone to benefit. 

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