Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals hosts free health camp to mark ‘World Sight Day’

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Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals, one of the newest and most advanced hospitals of its kind in the country, commemorated World Sight Day 2023 by organizing a highly successful free health camp at its premises in Mount Lavinia on Friday, 13th October 2023. The event was conducted to provide essential eye and ENT care to the community and promote overall well-being.

Hundreds of patients visited the health camp throughout the day to have their eyes and hearing tested by the experienced healthcare professionals of Mount Lotus. In addition to these tests, the hospital’s dedicated team also conducted screenings for blood sugar, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and general health checkup for the participant. Based on the results, patients received personalized medical advices on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Saman P. Basnayake, the General Manager of Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals, expressed his gratitude for the positive response from the community. He stated, “Our goal has always been to give back to those who face barriers in accessing quality health care. This health camp allowed us to serve a large number of patients, not only by testing their eyes and ears but also by addressing other vital health indicators and providing valuable advice from our medical experts. We are proud of our team for making this health camp a resounding success.”

Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals remains committed to its mission of providing excellent medical services and improving access to quality eye and ENT care. By organizing this free health camp on World Sight Day, the hospital exemplified its dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in the community. The event served as a reminder of the importance of regular eye and ENT checkups and the role they play in maintaining overall well-being. The hospital encourages everyone to prioritize their eye and ENT health and seek professional care to address any potential issues.

Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals is a specialized hospital dedicated to delivering world-class Eye and ENT medical solutions to local and international patients. Located at No.102, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia, the hospital is fully-equipped with modern medical technologies and highly-acclaimed, skilled professionals to provide medical and surgical solutions for any kind of Eye and ENT impairment. The hospital’s well-trained specialists have several years of medical experience and are backed by a professional, friendly support team who are knowledgeable in taking excellent care of patients. By using state-of-the-art equipment, the hospital is able to carry out a wide range of Eye and ENT services that will provide patients with highest quality care in Sri Lanka. The hospital has built a reputation for working to uplift the lives of all Sri Lankans. Since its inception, it has already conducted several free health camps enabling patients from the areas around the hospital to access world-class healthcare conveniently.

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