Muslim Aid Sri Lanka and UNHCR Collaborate to Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers

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An exhibition was organized by Muslim Aid Sri Lanka, in support and collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sri Lanka. The exhibition was recently held at the Jana  Jaya Reception Hall in Dehiwala.  

Chief Guest Farida Lukmanjee with an artist at the exhibition

This Refugees and Asylum Seekers who are temporarily displaced and sheltered in Sri Lanka were given the platform to showcase their talents and skills. The event had multiple stalls with vendours who displayed a wide range of arts and crafts representing the refugee and asylum seeker country of origin. 

Art enthusiasts enjoying the creations at the exhibition

Businesswoman, philanthropist, and social activist, Farida Lukmanjee graced the humanitarian fundraiser as the chief guest. Many representatives from various charities and youth empowerment agencies supported the artists. 

Lukmanjee added, “It was indeed an opportunity to turn our attention to refugees and asylum seekers as they highlighted their innovative skills through this event. The food stalls represented the nation’s flavour. This was incredibly praised by the attendees as it gave a glimpse of the tastes of many dishes. They expressed themselves, their skills and engagement to the chance provided to create any arts and crafts. It was a great opportunity to discover the hidden talents within them. This includes artworks, frames, paintings, books, clothing and Henna drawing. All the displays were amazing and gave meaningful thought to ponder to the participants and guests”. 

The guest and invitees were overwhelmed by their talent and creativity. They expressed their delightedness with their valuable thoughts and opinion on either the exhibition or the talents that were showcased. The Muslim Aid Sri is planning to make this a frequent event to help refugees to find a source of income. 

About Muslim Aid Sri Lanka 

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka works with many communities to raise funds to support education, agriculture, and supporting those at risk and vulnerable in various parts of the country. 

MASL is doing many projects with schools and is partnering with other organizations to uplift communities.

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