Online educator, Third Space Global, scouts Math tutors to scale new frontiers in online tutoring

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Leveraging its expertise in online education, Sri Lankan edu-tech company, Third Space Global, in collaboration with UK parent, Third Space Learning, has so far successfully delivered one million online lessons to primary students in the UK. Amidst the uncertainty surrounding in-person schooling, Third Space Global was able to create a positive impact on UK primary students and provide more opportunities for young graduates in Sri Lanka, while simultaneously supporting the Sri Lankan economy. Over the last 6 years, the company has educated over 90,000+ pupils (90,739) and in 2,800+ schools (2,852). Today, Third Space Global Sri Lanka is the only company offering online education on this scale and conducts over 13,000 sessions a week. Its teaching community consists of over 800+ employees spread across Sri Lanka. The tutors use a proprietary learning management system and technology developed to deliver online teaching to support the learning required by school children in the UK, and now, around the world. These tools help the tutors      identify potential and develop the skills of students under its slogan, ‘Teach the World’.

Shiyamal Jayathilake – Managing Director, Third Space Global

Third Space Global’s Managing Director, Shiyamal Jayathilake says: “Third Space Global has achieved a true milestone by surpassing one million online teaching sessions. Our community of educators has expanded from 250 to 800+ over the last two years and we are excited to expand our tutor headcount and to issue over 400 new contracts over the coming months, taking the total tutor count to over 1000.  Presently, we are on the lookout for skilled Math applicants with an excellent command of English to fill our positions. We want to strengthen our network of talented individuals with different backgrounds, races, religions coming together to teach Math. Third Space Global has mastered 100% remote working with tutor-centric rosters and offers a flexible working environment. Having commenced remote working before the onset of the pandemic, we were well geared to face the trials that COVID-19 brought. Online education is growing rapidly and we intend to be at the forefront of this revolution in Sri Lanka.”

Established in 2015, Third Space Global is a British-owned company approved under the Board Of Investment of Sri Lanka. Skilled teams specialized in Business and Analytics, Quality control, HR, Finance and Academic Development drive the Company’s business objectives while experiencing accelerated career growth. Third Space Global is also a strong champion for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and leadership positions, with women making up 80% of the tutor and management teams. Tutors gain experience and additional income whilst studying or working, from teachers looking to develop their skills to looking for flexible working arrangements to tutors with disabilities who are able to earn an income from home. 

“I enjoy my tutoring lessons a lot because my tutor explains things to me to make sure I understand what we are learning and he is very kind.” – Year 6 Pupil, London. In a recent survey, 94% of Third Space Global tutors said they are satisfied with the level of training and feedback they receive; 84% said they appreciate their pay and benefits; and 97% value the flexibility provided.

“The children love their sessions, enjoy working with their tutors and the sessions make a real difference to their understanding and application of Maths.”  – Angie Bailey, Deputy Headteacher, Giles Brook Primary, Milton Keynes.

Third Space Global was awarded the ‘Great Places To Work’ certification in 2018 and in 2020, an achievement that is an assurance that its practices are current and continue to support employees. Third Space was also recognized as the ‘Healthiest Employer of the Year’ in the small company category in 2019 by AIA.

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