Park Street Gourmet brings you a lavish selection of gourmet ingredients and iconic beverages to your home

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Sri Lanka has witnessed a growing interest in gourmet food and for those who want to indulge in the finest food and drink, there is no better place than Park Street Gourmet.

Centrally located at the heart of urban living and corporate office buildings at 33B, Park Street, Colombo 02, Park Street Gourmet was created to provide local connoisseurs of fine food and drink the chance to add the very best in gourmet food, drinks and ingredients to their home menus and enjoy cuisine globally recognized for their heritage and brand values. All these can be delivered to their homes through their multiple delivery options. These include their very own to renowned third-party delivery partners such as Uber Eats, PickMe Food while EatMe Global is ready to sign up in the near future. Local food connoisseurs can simply log on to or call 0773794794 to place their orders and have them safely delivered to their doorsteps.

The food section of Park Street Gourmet was conceived to offer local connoisseurs the finest of food from all parts of the globe. For those who desire high-quality meat from across the world, they offer a selection of exclusive cuts that are extremely hard to come by in Sri Lanka. They include Angus beef tenderloin and ribs imported directly from Australia, along with pork, duck breast, and rack of lamb. Seafood lovers can enjoy sashimi-grade tuna and salmon imported from Norway as well as scallops, crab, and other delicacies. Sausage fans are also catered for with the best of chicken and pork sausages. Beef slices and other cold cuts round out their charcuterie section. Their impressive range of cheese varieties is sure to satisfy the most discerning cheese lover as they include an exclusive selection of Edam and cheddar cheese from Wyke Farms in the UK, blue cheese or flavored cheese, goat cheese, Manchego cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano. They also possess a variety of luxury ingredients, condiments and other food including organic condiments, vegan foods, and exotic imports such as truffle oil, black and white truffle, and extra-large olives, all of which are guaranteed to add depth and flavour to every meal. For Italian food lovers, Park Street Gourmet has a wide selection of pasta, lasagna, and even ready-made pizza.

One of the most attractive features of PSG is the exclusive selection of value and premium beverages from around the world that perfectly complement the local and international food on offer. Their retail specialists have meticulously researched and sourced to offer an impressive portfolio of the best beverages from 9 countries to satisfy the most discerning aficionado. A selection of iced tea, premium teas and coffees are also available. Additionally, although Park Street Gourmet primarily has imported ingredients, it strongly believes in encouraging entrepreneurship locally and therefore some of the premium products have been sourced locally. All in all, Park Street Gourmet is well-placed to become the heart of Sri Lanka’s gastronomic revolution, a home for both epicureans and admirers, with exclusive culinary events, pairings, tastings, and products previews.

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