“PLC’s World Children’s Day Talent Show: Celebrating Creativity and Nurturing a Brighter Future”

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Sri Lanka’s premier non-banking financial institution (NBFI), People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC), recently celebrated World Children’s Day in a heartwarming fashion, highlighting its commitment to the community. The PLC Sports & Welfare Society, for the second consecutive year, hosted a vibrant Talent Show Competition for the children of PLC employees across the Island, showcasing the company’s dedication to nurturing the creative talents of the future generation.

The competition, held in celebration of World Children’s Day 2023, featured an array of categories, including Art, Singing, and Dancing, with participants divided into five age groups: below 05, 5-8, 8-11, 11-14, and 14-17. A total of over 100 entries were received for the art category, 63 for singing, and 42 for dancing, reflecting the enthusiasm and creativity of these young and budding talents.

To ensure a fair evaluation, PLC appointed an independent panel of judges comprised of nine experienced teachers, with each category being assigned three teachers with specialized expertise in the relevant category. These educators played a crucial role in assessing the participants and providing objectivity, transparency, and professionalism to the competition. The panel of judges then carefully selected 45 children from across the competition categories as winners.

To recognize the winners, a special Award Ceremony was held on the 3rd of November 2023, at the Orchid Auditorium – BMICH, Colombo where PLC’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Mr Shamindra Marcelline, was present as the Chief Guest. The ceremony was attended by the 45 young winners, their proud parents, representatives from PLC’s Corporate Management Team, the distinguished Panel of Judges, and representatives from the PLC Sports & Welfare Society, along with other special guests.

Commenting on the initiative, CEO and General Manager, Shamindra Marcelline said, “The theme of our program this year – “Reimagining a Better Future for Our Children” – emphasizes the vital role that the younger generation plays in safeguarding our planet for future generations. It is a poignant reminder that our children are the future stewards of the planet, and responsible for ensuring its wellbeing. We are pleased to have engaged the kids, supported their passions, and provided them with an unforgettable experience to mark World Children’s Day.”

To kickstart the event, every child was presented with a thoughtful gift; red, blue, and black ‘eco-plantable’ pens, symbolizing PLC’s commitment to nurturing a sustainable future. This gesture echoes PLC’s dedication to protecting the planet, as the pens, which are made of biodegradable materials and contain seeds, can be planted once they have been used. Each of these pens also contributes towards less plastic added to the environment.

The winners of the competition received a range of accolades, including certificates, gold, silver, or bronze medals, and valuable gifts, acknowledging their exceptional creative and artistic skills. In a heartwarming gesture, every participant was also honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation to recognize their enthusiasm for being a part of this initiative.

The ceremony was further elevated by a captivating live performance by the renowned singer, Harshana Dissanyakae, adding a delightful vibe to the event. Additionally, the winners of first and second place in the 14–17 age group singing competition performed a duet, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.

Following an engaging morning session at PLC’s Head Office with the CEO/GM, the 45 winners and their parents/guardians were also taken on the delightfully iconic Colombo City Tour on the much-loved open-air double-decker bus. This tour included visits to major landmarks such as the Colombo Lotus Tower and Port City Colombo, making the occasion truly unforgettable for the kids.

In hosting its annual Kid’s Talent Show Competition, PLC has once again demonstrated its strong sense of responsibility towards the community, and its focus on sustainability, nurturing the creative spirit of the younger generation and envisioning a brighter future for our children. Through initiatives like these, PLC is setting a remarkable example for corporate social responsibility in Sri Lanka and beyond. 

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