President Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe Inaugurates SLIIT Kandy Uni: Sri Lanka drives economic growth leveraging resources and location

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SLIIT, renowned for its unwavering commitment to education excellence is embarking on an exciting new chapter expanding horizons with the official opening of SLIIT Kandy Uni, in Pallakele; the latest addition to the SLIIT network is set to redefine the educational landscape in Sri Lanka.

The new facility offering a state-of-the-art teaching and learning environment and modern amenities were ceremoniously opened by The President Ranil Wickremesinghe, on Monday 09th of October 2023 on the invitation extended by SLIIT Chancellor, Professor L. L. Ratnayake and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lalith Gamage, along with the presence of other distinguished guests. The inauguration of SLIIT Kandy Uni marks a significant milestone in SLIIT’s mission to provide accessible and quality education to aspiring local and international students in the picturesque city of Kandy. 

At the event, The President Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized that Sri Lanka’s path to economic prosperity hinges on its geographical location and its human resources. He also highlighted the successes of countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, which have flourished by harnessing their workforce effectively. Following the unveiling of the commemorative plaque, the President inaugurated the university and conducted an on-site tour, engaging with students to learn about their educational endeavours.

Expressing his views further, President Wickremesinghe said;

There are plans in motion to establish these universities through a collaborative effort between the government and the private sector. A key focus has been placed on reinvesting profits into these universities and the possibility of profit-sharing universities is being explored. 

Our vision is to advance towards a green economy, a digital economy and a technology-driven economy, all of which necessitate a robust institutional framework. This endeavour is a collective effort 

and I extend my gratitude to all those who have contributed to these endeavours today. When we observe the remarkable talents displayed by these students, it becomes evident that our country holds the potential for a bright future. In doing so, we have the opportunity to transform the historically significant Kandy area into a burgeoning technology hub.

Following the grand opening of the facility, an exhibition organized by SLIIT students from the Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, SLIIT Business School, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences and School of Architecture, took place on the 10th and 11th of October. The SLIIT student community showcased their exceptional innovations and talents through novel projects. The exhibition was open to prospective students and the public.

In the late 1990s, Sri Lanka was at the cusp of a transformative journey towards higher education, driven by visionary academics and professionals who shared a dream. They aimed to provide innovative, world-class education, reduce the burden on the state, and expand access to quality higher education in emerging fields, notably IT. This dream gave rise to the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, or SLIIT. Founded in 1999, SLIIT followed a not-for-profit model like prestigious institutions like Harvard and Stanford, focuses on reinvesting surpluses into expansion, scholarships, and facilities.

Today, SLIIT is Sri Lanka’s largest non-state higher education institution, with over 20,000 current students, over 40,000+ alumni and a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning through fields like Computing, Business, Engineering, Humanities and Sciences and more. It has earned international recognition through memberships in the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Association of Universities in the UK. 

Over two decades, SLIIT has made significant strides in research, ranking among the 7th in the country, top 10 universities in Sri Lanka and the top 15% globally. The creation of the Honorary Professors’ Network has facilitated acclaimed research, particularly in postgraduate programs. Its annual intake exceeds 5,000 students, the largest in the country for undergraduates.

Birth of SLIIT Kandy Uni: A Catalyst for Regional Growth 

Situated in picturesque Pallakele, Kandy, SLIIT Kandy Uni is a significant expansion of SLIIT’s mission to become South Asia’s education hub while contributing to Sri Lanka’s economic growth. It’s the largest Non-State Higher Education Institute outside Colombo, providing quality education in the Kandy region. The SLIIT Kandy Uni enriches the educational landscape, stimulates economic growth by attracting foreign investments, attracts local and international talent, and fosters knowledge exchange. Nestled within a spacious 15-acre land, the Kandy Uni boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, harmonizing modernity with education.

Empowering Sri Lanka’s Economy 

SLIIT Kandy Uni actively addresses the nation’s demand for skilled professionals, focusing on fields like healthcare and medicine. It contributes significantly to Sri Lanka’s GDP and attracts foreign investments, playing a pivotal role in the nation’s economic growth. SLIIT’s commitment to producing employable graduates has resulted in nearly 50% of IT professionals in Sri Lanka being SLIIT alumni, and it continues to be a beacon of hope for aspiring students in the country.

Pioneering Ecosystem 

SLIIT Kandy Uni aims to be a catalyst for regional advancement by adapting its offerings to the job market, addressing enrolment constraints in public universities, and enhancing local economic growth through quality education, technology, and program expansion.

Facilities Beyond Compare

The university offers modern facilities such as Wi-Fi-equipped classrooms, well-equipped labs, an extensive library, research opportunities, a conference facility, a wellbeing centre, sports facilities, and inspiring common areas, all designed to enhance the academic journey. Further it has a multi-purpose building including incubator facilities, entertainment areas, and a cafeteria.

Nearly 600 Hostel Units 

With both shared and individual, each unit is equipped with attached bathrooms, for both local and international students.

Our Plans: Charting a Bright Future 

SLIIT Kandy Uni aims to expand its academic offerings beyond IT and Business to include healthcare and medicine. The university is working towards becoming a hub for research and innovation. It fosters innovation among faculty and students through initiatives like research grants, curriculum integration, and compulsory postgraduate research projects. These efforts reflect SLIIT’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence, shaping a brighter future for students and the community.

The beginning of bridging gaps and building futures – Join with us today!

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