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E Gravity, a 100% Sri Lankan Engineering company, has won numerous awards over its wonderful innovations. Their milestone production, launched amidst applause and praise, is a surefire method to problems that many tech-seekers have had over the years.

(Left)Ranga Pieris & (Right)Amal Pattividana_ the Co-Founders of E-Gravity

Ranga Peiris, Kelum Ranasinghe, and Amal Pattividana founded E Gravity, a 100% Sri Lankan engineering firm, in 2009. Their number one speciality is that because their electronic and electrical goods are conceived, manufactured, and developed in-house, they are authentically made in Sri Lanka. 

E gravity gives the greatest electronics goods through innovation and R&D, backed up by their online management and monitoring system, which allows them to manage and monitor the conditions, sensor information, and adjust them remotely.

E Gravity solutions caters to the tech, poultry, agricultural and wildlife sectors. On the tech side, they have established the Thejosat Exo. Thejosat Exo supports multiple sensors with E Gravity Sensor boards and it has backup power option for continue monitoring in a powercut.

E Gravity also boasts a range of educational products such as their demo board, that allows easy access of logic gates and other educational components. Multiple communication methods are supported including MODBUS and E Gravity Protocol in the powered RS485 bus designed by E Gravity which enables the master device to communicate with multiple sensor devices and multiple E Gravity Sensor Boards.

They also recently released their flagship development: a GPS-based radio collar for wild elephant tracking. While being shortlisted for the 2020 WSA Global Awards, the collar itself comprises a GPS tracker and battery which can be placed either on the top or bottom of the neck of the animal, although the GPS unit is always attached on the top. Researchers are often able to identify whether animals are deceased or not depending on sensors attached to the collar which detect movement; a motionless state for 18 hours or more is an indication of a deceased animal.

Collars are installed with programmes that receive and emit GPS points, and points per day will be transferred to satellites via satellite communication. Researchers are able to receive data under numerous methods such as satellite phones, GSM, and even directly to the CPU (central processing unit), although officials currently resort to satellite phones due to the inability to obtain uniform GSM coverage. 

This collar uses Acurite Remote Monitoring Solutions to ensure premium quality and reliability. Consumers can protect their data even during a power or internet outage, with backup batteries that allow AcuRite Access to continue receiving and storing up to 12 hours of readings; once power or internet is restored, it will upload these readings to My AcuRite. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a hands-free experience.

One of their shining stars in terms of products is the Acuright system. Acuright is a miniature real-time remote monitoring and alert system specially designed for small & medium enterprise environments. Acuright is capable of monitoring parameters such as temperature, humidity, door/ power status, or dry contacts. Through Acuright, parameters can be monitored online from anywhere at any time and it is assured that products are always in controlled condition. 

The Acuright system is beneficial for many industries, including health and medical services, poultry, food services, construction and even your office. There is 24×7 monitoring service for places such as cool storage units where the temperature should be maintained. Many high profile clients also use Acuright system, including Ceylong Biscuits Limited, Astra, MAS, Unilever and Hemas. 

E Gravity is a full-service, concept-to-production engineering business with the skills and experience to assist in achieving industrial objectives. They revitalise indigenous technology and know-how in the disciplines of Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Industrial Automation, and Electrical Engineering, which provides a diverse variety of solutions.

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