Rockland Group Celebrates Excellence and Innovation at Inaugural Chairman’s Awards

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The Rockland Group, a pioneer in Sri Lanka’s beverage industry, recently hosted its inaugural Chairman’s Awards, a glittering event that celebrated excellence, innovation, and the commitment of its talented workforce. Established in 1924 as Rockland Distilleries, Sri Lanka’s first commercial distillery, the Rockland Group has evolved into a powerhouse with a diversified portfolio of beverages and spirits, growing the local beverage sector along the way. The Group attributes this success to the grit and innovation of their people, and consistent recognition of their efforts has been key to the longevity of the company. 

Expressing his thoughts on the occasion, Chairman Derek de Silva Wijeyeratne said, “Rockland was built on deep-rooted values and high ethical standards. It was built on resolve, determination and grit. Our wonderful staff hold these same building blocks at their core and have seen us through every hardship and success, hand in hand. It is our people who have made us who we are today, and their efforts will always be recognised and appreciated.”

The most coveted award of the evening, the Carl De Silva Wijeyeratne Challenge Trophy for the Most Outstanding Salesperson, was awarded to Dilan Fernando, who was recognised for his innovative sales strategies and exemplary customer engagement. 

In addition to recognizing individual achievements, the Chairman’s Awards honoured three project teams under the Innovation category for their outstanding work that brought about significant transformation and added tangible value to the organization. These three teams were recognized for their work in product innovation and market development, all of which were pivotal in driving the organization’s growth amidst many micro and macro-economic challenges. 

The Best Support Function Award was clinched by Team IT Infrastructure, who have been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the company. Their continued commitment to harnessing the power of innovation has enabled seamless expansions and positioned the Rockland Group to be future-ready. 

The Chairman’s Awards also recognized outstanding performers under several other categories, including Best Performers at all levels and functions across the Group. These diverse group of winners were celebrated for their dedication, commitment, and relentless pursuit of excellence in their respective roles.

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