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Rotary has just announced that the Season 3 Championship deadline has been extended to 31st of December giving 2 more months for pre-school, primary school and secondary school children to upload their performance videos and join the Championship to win Rs, 1 million worth of awards and certificates.

Little Minds Strong Values (LMSV) is a project of Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan to promote ethics and values in children through performing arts.  32 Sinhala/Tamil song videos have been composed with embedded values – “respect other religions & races, respect parents & elders, be kind to others, be honest, don’t steal, don’t lie, say sorry, say thank you, preserve environment, don’t take/give bribes”…etc. more than 50 important values built into the songs.  

The Rotary Honda Purudu Championship encourages the children to express these important values via Song, Dance, Speech and Drama in Solo or Group category and win handsome awards and certificates.  All instructions on the website WWW.LMSV.LK under Championship.  Participants will also be handpicked to perform on television related to LMSV program.  Go on the website and encourage your child at home and the children in schools, religious or other organizations…etc. to learn these good values and participate in the Championship before end of the year.  

Help your child to become a good citizen while helping Sri Lanka to build the foundation for a society of good mannered, civic minded, caring citizens and leaders that we all yearn for in the next generation.

For more information contact: WhatsApp: +94766111932, or Tel: 0115995153

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