Samsung Electronics Introduces Samsung Knox to Elevate Smart Home Security

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Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology innovation, proudly introduces Samsung Knox, a cutting-edge security programme designed to protect smart TVs and ensure a secure and seamless smart home experience.

As smart home ecosystems continue to expand, the importance of digital security becomes paramount. Dedicated to providing consumers with an integrated smart home experience that is secure and convenient, this programme will soon be available in Sri Lanka for C series and above smart TVs.

In today’s hyper-connected world, smart TVs play a central role in facilitating communication among various connected devices. Protecting sensitive information, such as passwords, shared between these devices is imperative. Samsung Knox addresses this need with its multi-layered security approach, encompassing both software and hardware solutions.

The programme employs multiple layers of security features to shield connected devices. It utilizes software encryption to ensure the secure transfer of data, while hardware separation effectively prevents data leakage.To bolster security within the smart home, Samsung Knox encrypts communication between smart TVs and other connected devices. Furthermore, it diligently identifies and blocks phishing websites encountered during internet browsing, ensuring a secure online experience.

Further, staying ahead of the curve, Samsung Knox is also subject to regular security updates that address the latest threats. These updates are seamlessly accessible when the TV is connected to the internet.

To introduce Samsung Knox to consumers, Samsung has brought forth GNUSMAS, the adorable blue alien who demonstrates how Knox can complete your ecosystem of connected devices. GNUSMAS showcases how Samsung is committed to providing a safe and convenient smart home experience for all users.

“Our latest breakthrough, Samsung Knox, is a testament to our dedication to the security and privacy of our customers. With the rapid expansion of smart home ecosystems, we believe it’s our responsibility to offer robust security solutions like Knox to protect our users’ digital lives,” said Mr. SangWa Song, Managing Director, Samsung Sri Lanka.

Samsung Electronics is a global leader in technology, committed to delivering innovations that enrich people’s lives. Through a diverse range of products, including smartphones, smart TVs, home appliances, and more, Samsung aims to create a connected ecosystem that enhances daily experiences.

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