“Sanasa Development Bank joins hands with Pick a Book Corporates”

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“Reading is the gateway that opens up one’s mind to a wealth of knowledge leading to a never-ending journey of learning. It not only relaxes the mind and gives pleasure but also opens up multiple views on a particular situation, developing the analytical nature of the mind and creating highly effective and efficient human beings in all aspects of life.” says Mr Thilak Piyadigama, the CEO of SDB. 

Pick a Book Sri Lanka is happy to announce the association with SDB Bank, Sri Lanka’s leading bank with 94 branches. Together, we aim to take SDB Bank to greater heights, by building the wealth of knowledge and ideas through books. 

‘Pick a Book Corporates’ is a segment of Pick a Book, a global organization, to nurture the habit of reading and bring together like-minded people within the organization to take the corporate to new heights. Corporates have seen tremendous change in their employee engagement and harmony within different divisions of the organization. 

Mr Piyadigama delighted with this association says, “I strongly believe that by opening its doors to Pick a Book club, SDB would be able to develop its employees tremendously, moulding them to become leaders in the corporate sector. Reading helps develop empathy which will help the employees relate better with co-workers and clients.”

Corporates are always on the look-out for Training & Development that can enhance communication, presentation skills, language proficiency and also get people in the organization more focused on their personal goals, professional goals, mental and emotional health. This is where Pick a Book saw an opportunity to serve the need through books and sharing. 

Mr Ragulan Tharmakulasingam, the Founder of Pick a Book says that it excites him every time he thinks of the impact associations like this can have. He says that initiatives like these bring change and growth at a deeper level, inspiring change. 

The idea is to bring like-minded people from within the organization together, from different departments, as they share varied genres of books and exchange ideas. Sessions are customized based on the organization’s contemporary focus that can vary from strategy, team building, motivation to emotional health or presentation techniques. Books are curated in sync with the organizational short term and long-term goals, so that the employees are engaged and feel ownership of the goals. 

Mr Piyadigama sends his wishes as he said, “I take this opportunity to extend my heartiest congratulations to all the members of Pick a Book reading club for the tremendous effort taken to inculcate the reading habit in society and wish great success in all their future endeavours.”

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