Sarvodaya Development Finance Expands Reach to Kethsirigama, Ampara 

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Sarvodaya Development Finance PLC (SDF), a trailblazing force in Sri Lanka’s development finance sector, recently opened its newest branch in Kethsirigama, Ampara. This milestone expansion marks a significant leap forward in SDF’s mission to empower rural communities and provide access to financial services, particularly for those who are often overlooked by traditional banking institutions. The expansion comes as SDF receives approval from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to open a further seven branches across the Island. 

Located 30 km from Ampara town, Kethsirigama is a picturesque village nestled amongst lush paddy fields, representing the essence of rural life. SDF’s core philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of development finance, with a strong focus on community development projects and long-term investments that catalyse positive change. Thus, through its new branch in Kethsirigama, SDF hopes to work together with the community to drive economic prosperity for all. 

Mr. Channa De Silva, Chairman of SDF, commented saying, “This expansion reflects our commitment to rural development and empowerment. We believe in the transformative power of finance and are dedicated to bringing positive change to the lives of those who need it the most.”

Embodying the essence of Development Finance, the Kethsirigama Branch of Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF) stands as a shining example of a financial institution deeply committed to the well-being of its community. This branch operates under SDF’s guiding principles of long-term investment in community development, access to financial services, and unwavering dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

At the heart of the Kethsirigama Branch lies a steadfast commitment to community development projects with a long-term perspective. These initiatives are not just about financial transactions; they are investments in the region’s wellbeing. Notably, the Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (LJSSS) society in Kethsirigama has successfully united villagers towards common goals, fostering a sense of collective purpose. Unwavering in its commitment to community development, SDF has also recruited unemployed graduates from that area, not only addressing local unemployment but also helping to boost economic development in the region.

Going beyond transactional finance, SDF’s Kethsirigama Branch also serves as a vital pillar of support for the villagers. Through a combination of electronic and manual services, including ATM facilities, Pay&Go payment options, Western Union money transfers, and utility bill payments. The new branch has already saved the community over 1 million rupees in their transportation costs per month and valuable time. More importantly, it has inculcated a culture of savings, empowering individuals to secure their financial investments and uplift the livelihood by financing.

In keeping with SDF’s overarching ESG commitments, sustainability is a way of life at SDF – Kethsirigama. The branch operates entirely on solar energy, aligning seamlessly with its commitment to sustainable initiatives, and significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the installation of solar-powered water projects for ‘Chena’ cultivation has not only enabled sustainable farming but also provided additional income opportunities while conserving energy and promoting best practices in agriculture.

SDF has also partnered with Andhra Pradesh in India to promote natural farming practices in Sri Lanka. By sending selected farmers from Kethsirigama to India, SDF is helping to enrich local agricultural practices through international collaboration towards sustainable agriculture.

As a result of its exceptional efforts across its network, Sarvodaya Development Finance continues to be at the forefront of microfinance service in Sri Lanka by supporting to various sectors including agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. As the only finance company in Sri Lanka owned by a charity, the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, SDF remains unwavering in its dedication to fostering grassroots entrepreneurialism and uplifting underserved rural economies. The opening of SDF’s newest branch in Kethsirigama stands as a shining example of its commitment to development finance and empowering rural communities across Sri Lanka

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