Serendib Flour Mills uplifts women livelihoods and empowers communities in Badulla district

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Serendib Flour Mills conducted a successful training and education program focused on empowering women and uplifting livelihoods in the Badulla district recently. The tailored programs were carried out in Badulla, Ella, and Welimada areas aligned to the unique needs of each area.

Throughout several weeks, Serendib Flour Mills provided training to local women covering fundamental concepts such as the basics of wheat flour, the art of baking, etc. The training included an introduction to wheat flour, basic knowledge of raw materials and ingredients, baking methods, practical experiences, and an emphasis on the quality of ‘Serendib 7 Star’ products.   

Serendib Flour Mills is committed to extend its purpose beyond nourishment, making a tangible difference in the lives of women, geared towards impactful community enrichment. Offering new skills and knowledge, the project was able to not only improve personal well-being but also contribute to the prosperity of the communities. 

The Badulla project reinforces Serendib Flour Mills dedication to social responsibility and demonstrated how businesses can create positive change. Serendib Four Mill continues to serve as a catalyst for empowerment and upliftment across Sri Lanka.

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