Sri Lankan Muslims Form The National Muslim Assembly (NMA)

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The National Muslim Assembly of Sri Lanka was formally convened and launched at its first annual general meeting held recently at Jetwing Colombo Seven. Inaugurated by a collective of Sri Lankan Muslims from private, business, academic and professional spheres alike, the organization is the first of its kind to comprise of the four key Muslim ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, namely the Sri Lankan Moors, Sri Lankan Malays, Sri Lankan Memons and the Sri Lankan Dawoodi Borahs.

The National Muslim Assembly (NMA), is a non-political, non-sectarian civil organization formed with the purpose of providing eminent civil representation in all matters relevant to the community. In so doing, restoring the dignity of the Muslim community by actively demonstrating the community’s commitment towards national integration, national unity and national harmony in Sri Lanka.

Conceptualised by a cross section of Sri Lankan Muslims, referred to as the ‘Architects of the Assembly’, the NMA is intended to function as a catalyst towards working for the common good of not just Sri Lankan Muslims, but for all Sri Lankans alike with a commitment to representation and accountability through the very best talents and resources the Sri Lankan Muslim community has to offer.

The NMA is led by one of Sri Lanka’s most eminent medical luminaries, Prof. Kemal Deen, who serves as Chairperson. Joining him on the Board of the NMA are: Afzal Marikar (Vice Chair), Khuzaimah Jafferjee (Vice Chair), Zaharine Hameen (Secretary) and Sabry Ghouse (Treasurer).

The NMA is further constituted by the following members: Mohamed Adamaly, Aman Ashraff, Zuraish Hashim, Suhail Jamaldeen, Aisha Sattar and A.G.M. Yaseen.

“It’s time for us to come together as a nation” Kemal Deen said, “and the NMA is an unprecedented first step because it is the first civil body to be formally comprised of Sri Lankan Muslims from all four ethnic groups. We are united by one common fact, which is that we are all Sri Lankans. And that acknowledgement in itself, is of paramount significance.”

In response to the immediate plans of the NMA, Kemal Deen stated, “We have a series of initiatives planned, ranging from education to social upliftment, community awareness initiatives, poverty alleviation and more. We hope to get them underway no sooner COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed; but the end goal is much bigger than that. It is to foster a united nation, through mutual understanding and respect that is achieved by bringing the community to new crossroads and weaving a new fabric that relates and integrates more effectively with the rest of the country. It makes the challenge appear even more daunting, but that’s the point. Challenging ourselves to do better for each other and our nation.” For further information on the NMA, write to them via:

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