Sumathi Holdings journeying with heritage towards modern technology

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Sumathi Holdings, a large and extensively diversified business conglomerate in Sri Lanka began its monumental journey soon after Sri Lanka received Independence in 1948. Backed by a rich history and heritage, U.W.Sumathipala & Sons was the brain child of U W Sumathipala, a young entrepreneur who stepped in to the business arena and made a profound impact and difference. 

Having commenced operations in the government supplies & construction industry, fueled by his sharp business acumen and long-term vision for growth, he rapidly expanded into business territories such as Turf accounting, Film production and as a gem merchant created an indelible impression.  U W Sumathipala was the proud producer of ‘Ahasin Polowata’ which won the best movie award in 1978 at the Cairo International Film Festival and after his demise his wife Milina Sumathipala produced ‘Ganga Addara’ which won the highest number of film awards in the history of the film industry in Sri Lanka.

In 1979 Jagath Sumathipala entered the business with Milina Sumathipala and consolidated all the business under Sumathi Holdings. Today Sumathi Holdings has journeyed successfully into the new era. The Group has made several strategic investments and alliances in several key sectors of the economy. Overall operations are driven by Jagath Sumathipala, the Chairman / Managing Director of Sumathi Holdings, along with Samantha Sumathipala, Director of the subsidiaries of Sumathi Holdings and their sons Chadu Sumathipala and Chathula Sumathipala in the capacities of Executive Director and Director Strategy and Business Development respectively.

The brand has built strong equity to its name and has created multiple strong alliances with leading global brands that are synonymous with quality, performance and sustainability. The group has diversified into many industries broadly categorized under key segments including IT, Entertainment and Hospitality, Health sector, Renewable Energy and Corporate Services with each of the subsidiaries being individually managed by dynamic individuals with independent organization structure and operation methodologies. 

Jagath Sumathipala, Chairman/Managing Director sharing his views on the journey thus far commented, “We have always believed and stuck to our roots and origins which have greatly helped us to reach the pinnacle of our success. Our strong heritage backed by integrity and a forward thinking attitude has helped us to venture into new territories and industries making us a multi-diversified group. We have transformed our operations over the years and today Sumathi Holdings is excelling in achieving growth, financial efficiencies and operational excellence.”

Each subsidiary is professionally managed, socially responsible, successful companies delivering superior value to markets they operate in. Propelled by family values and strong entrepreneur history and traditions, each subsidiary is a leader in its respective industry and is known for quality driven products and services. 

In the Information Technology arena, Sumathi IT is known for innovative IT products, services and solutions which help drive the economy.  The IT industry is further facilitated through Sumathi Holdings’ Retail IT by leading the market in POS systems and latest addition Mainframe IT with software development. The recent entry into agriculture through Ground Breaking Smart Farming Drone Technology is elevating the company into new spheres. The healthcare sector is serviced through Lifeserv Pvt Ltd to help meet the fast-growing medical demands including leading the cardiovascular segment in Sri Lanka and also focusing on the needs of the market through established exclusive partnerships with leading international pharmaceutical and medical brands. Sumathi Holdings has diligently and successfully served in both industries for over 20 years. 

In the hospitality and entertainment industry, Sumathi Holdings leads the way with multiple restaurants including GreatWall Restaurants which has been in the market for 30 years, AllStar, a recently launched Sports Lounge in 2020 and many cloud kitchens starting off with Ko Roti. Under Turf accounting, brands such as Sporting Star which was established during 1956 and the latest addition in 2020 which brings multiple entertainment opportunities to the public. The group further operates in the Investment industry with Beaumont Investments which invests in equity market and Debt market catering mainly to intra Group lending / funding and working capital management needs. The hydropower and renewable energy venture established 12 years ago is fueled by Sumathi Energy which has recently entered a 5MW Solar project with CEB, in Sri Lanka. The Security arm is serviced through Lokx Security Services which has been in the market for over 20 years, one of the leading security companies in the country providing efficient and prompt security services. The group also consist of  printing solution which focuses on providing total printing solutions for its customers ranging from bulk offset printing to customized printing solutions.

The group is poised for a robust growth across multiple industries exploring the endless possibilities available in the local & international markets. Sumathi Holdings has realigned itself to its stakeholders and customers and is currently aligning itself to the overall vision of the group. The dynamic father-sons collaboration brings together the thinking and visions of generations bridging the gaps and bringing Sumathi Holdings to the forefront of innovation and technology as they strive to be the best in any industry they venture into.

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